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What You Need to Know About Bone Grafting

    Of all the modern techniques in today’s world, bone grafting has found its way into the routine dental treatment procedure. Not only does it correct dental problems, but it also restructures facial features. Patients who do not qualify for dental implants have been calling Frisco bone grafting providers to make it possible for them to have it done. As a result, they have praised the dental procedure since it addresses various oral problems. So if you or someone you know feels the need to go for this type of procedure, you need a few things before you book your appointment.

    Getting dental implants is a perfect way of protecting the bone around the teeth from degenerating. However, it becomes impossible for your dentist to place implants without conducting bone grafting. It is perfectly okay for you to feel anxious because you do not know how bone grafting works. But if you consider the benefits you will enjoy, it becomes easy to go for bone grafting as a routine dental procedure.

    It is conducted as a general procedure

    Bone grafting has become a routine practice in oral surgery. For this reason, most people have embraced the idea of visiting their dentists in a bid to be perfect candidates for tooth replacement options such as implants and dentures. At Lone Star Dental Care, bone grafting is performed in the office using local anesthesia to relieve anxiety.

    It addresses bone loss

    Bone loss is common in people with a missing tooth. While traditional methods were used to rebuild jaws, the possibility of not suffering bone problems in the future was next to nothing. Thanks to bone grafting and dental implants, issues such as jawbone atrophy can be addressed effectively.

    Bone grafting relies on various materials

    If you are wondering what types of sources are needed for bone grafting, you will be pleased to know that it comes from bone materials extracted from the jaw, hip, or lower bone. Alternatively, dentists may grow bone where needed or get bone from tissue banks. The procedure also relies on special membranes to help shield the grafted bone and allow it to regenerate.

    It maintains a healthy amount of bone tissue

    The only reason why the jaw can be considered healthy is when it can grow a new bone. In the same way, bone grafting encourages the growth of the new bone using various materials. With time, the grafted material replaces the new bone through a process known as bone regeneration. This makes it easy to maintain a healthy amount of bone tissue on the teeth, boosting your oral health.

    Go for bone grafting to restore your oral health

    It is common for people with a missing tooth or traumatic facial injury to have low self-esteem. But there is hope. They can still restore their oral health through bone grafting. A dentist is capable of assessing your case, answer your questions, and come up with the best treatment plan for you. To find out how you can benefit from bone grafting, consult your dentist at Lone Star Dental Care today.