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What You Need to Know About Hearing Care

    Your ears are designed to capture sound frequencies, whether loud or soft. However, your ears lose their ability to capture the sound frequencies resulting in a condition known as hearing loss. Hearing loss affects many people globally, and medical institutions, in collaboration with technology, have found different ways to treat hearing loss. Hearing care is a way your doctor can treat hearing loss using different styles. In Surprise, hearing care is available to you. Below are the types of hearing care you can get from Oasis ENT.

    The Primary Styles to Treat Your Hearing Loss

    According to ear specialists, the styles of hearing treatments are different in structure, quality, and size. The type of hearing aid that you will undergo also depends on the level of your hearing problem. Before coming to a conclusion on the type of hearing treatment to undergo, it is important to consult your doctor for examinations, check-ups, and recommendations. After examination, your doctor can make a judgment on what type of treatment to offer to you. Types of hearing aids include:

    •       Behind-the-ear (BTE). Behind the ear hearing loss treatment make use of a plastic component that houses the hearing device. The plastic housing rests at the back of your ear and a clear tube enters into the earbud. The work of the clear acoustical tube is to amplify sound waves captured by the hearing device. Behind-the-ear hearing aid is the most used type of hearing treatment in the world.
    •       In-the-ear (ITE). In the ear hearing care makes use of a customized hearing device that is housed in a plastic casing that resembles the structure of your inner ear. The plastic casing is then placed inside the ear to capture and amplify sound waves. Patients with a severe hearing problem are recommended to use an in-the-ear hearing aid.
    •       Receiver-in-canal. The receiver-in-canal treatment uses a speaker that is placed in the ear canal and then connected to a radio frequency device using a thin electrical wire. Structurally, they are smaller than BTEs, and they perform well in patients with mild hearing problems.
    •       Completely-in-canal. CICs are designed to fit the ear canal, and only a tip of a handle is seen outside the canal. The only disadvantage of completely-in-canal treatment is that it poses dexterity challenges. They also treat mild hearing problems.
    •       Invisible-in-canal. They are the smallest type of hearing loss treatment. The device is inserted in the second bend of your ear canal, making it invisible. Due to their small size, they can fit any person with mild hearing problems.

    Hearing care has brought a significant change in society and the world. If you are suffering from hearing loss, you can get treatment from a professional doctor. The specialists at Oasis Ear, Nose, and Throat are the best in treating hearing loss. Consult them today to address your hearing loss needs.