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What You Need to Know About Ketosis Supplements

    Keto diets are all the rage lately and before you decide if you want to take the best ketosis supplements to go along with it, you need to understand what the diet consists of. Overall, it is a diet focusing on low carbs and high fat.


    A sample meal plan for one day would be this:


    • Breakfast – a cheese omelet with a ¼ cup of shredded sharp cheddar cheese and three large eggs.


    • Lunch – BLT salad with 2 tbsp of mayonnaise, a ¼ cup of shredded sharp cheddar cheese, 1 cup of chopped Romaine lettuce, 1 tomato, and 4 pieces of bacon.


    • Dinner – a bunless hamburger with 1 burger patty, 1 slice of cheddar cheese, 1 medium-sized avocado, and 4oz of steamed asparagus.


    • Snacks – 1 cheese stick and a ½ cup of whole almonds.


    How It Works

    By eating food that is low in carbohydrates your body is forced to use alternative energy sources instead of sugars produced from the carbs. It produces ketosis, where your body gets its energy from ketones. This happens when fat, particularly body fat, is burned at a high rate. It can produce an amazing weight loss in a very short period of time.


    The downside according to many nutritionists, is that you can experience a loss of appetite, a decrease in performance, and fatigue. Although the initial weight loss is rapid, the moment you go off the diet the resulting weight gain is equally rapid as your body tries to replace the energy reserves that it lost.


    Therefore, once you start the diet you need to stick with it for the long-term. In order to make it a viable lifestyle choice, you need some supplements, such as the ones found at Shortcut Keto to help you.


    Keto supplements is a broad term that covers a wide range of both natural foods, powders, oils, and capsules. Some of them specifically address your bodies’ energy requirements by boosting it with essential nutrients that help burn more fat, which in turn produces more energy. Others aid in digestion or prevent muscle and bone loss. They also help reduce your appetite when you’re craving carbs.


    Non-Keto Aids

    An article for healthy lifestyles for students provides good advice for anyone who wants to improve their overall health and diet.



    • Sleep


    Get some sleep. Whether you’re on diet or not, your body needs a good night’s sleep every night. When you’re on a diet, the need for sleep can be increased since your body is struggling to do the same amount of work each day with fewer calories and carbs.



    • Fast Food


    Fast food is the bane of all diets, keto or otherwise. It’s especially bad for keto diets though because of all the carbs in fast food – greasy fries, buns, and bread crumbs fish patties or chicken. Don’t forget all the calories in the ice cream either. Drop the fast foods and go to the grocery store instead. You can eat more for less by doing a little cooking.



    • Vegetables


    Stock up on the veggies. Some, such as corn, are high in carbohydrates so you should stay away from it when you’re on a keto diet. Vegetables such as carrots are good because they are high in fiber. It gives your digestive system something to work on which prevents hunger pangs.



    • Drink Lots of Water


    Soda and most juices have too much sugar in them. Instead, you should drink water or green/herbal tea. Some of the keto supplements rely on ingredients taken from green tea, so drinking it will certainly be an added benefit to your diet.



    • Exercise


    Have you ever heard of a diet that didn’t include exercise? Of course not, and you still haven’t. Take a brisk walk every morning, do some cycling or running. Lift weights or join a sports team. If you need a low-impact workout there’s nothing better than swimming. Whatever you choose, make it an ongoing habit.


    Super Healthy Coffee

    Most diets, including the Keto diet, frown on coffee, but you can make your coffee super healthy so you don’t have to give it up to lose weight. It’s really quite simple.


    Coffee dehydrates your body so drink some water before you have your morning cup. Drink it black to eliminate the sugars in the creamers and sweeteners. Reduce the amount of coffee grounds when you make it so it won’t be as bitter. Your taste buds will soon get used to it and you’ll still be able to enjoy a good cup of coffee every day.