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What You Need to Know Before Going for Hyalgan Therapy

    As Kentuckiana Pain Specialists, we have several treatment methods for osteoarthritic pain of the knee. Our initial approach to that kind of pain includes painkillers, exercise, and physical therapy. Besides those, our board-certified medical specialists also administer Hyalgian injections. When seeking treatment for joint pain in Louisville, you may, at first, be apprehensive about the idea of having an injection in your knee. However, this treatment method may be all your joints need to get back to normal function and help you regain mobility for a better quality of life.

    What is Hyalgan?

    Hyalgan is a medical procedure that is used to treat knee pain due to osteoarthritis. The procedure is used on patients who have failed to respond to other treatment options for knee pain including physical therapy and medication and exercise but do not wish for a surgical operation. Hyalgan injections contain an active-ingredient, hyaluronic acid, which is a gel-like substance similar to the synovial fluid that surrounds your knee. Hyalgan is used in place of the declining synovial fluid, which helps in lubrication and shock absorption.

    How Hyalgan Treatment Works

    Hyalgan is directly injected into your knee using a syringe. You will experience little to no pain during treatment. Dr. Ajith Nair will begin by numbing the area to be injected using local anesthesia. Using live-motion imaging fluoroscopy to help them see inside the knee, your doctor will carefully deliver the injection to help relieve pain and put you on the path to recovery. You will require 3 to 5 sessions for the treatment plan to be effective.

    Am I the Right Candidate for Hyalgan Therapy?

    If you are allergic to eggs, birds, and feathers, you are not an ideal candidate for Hyalgan therapy since it contains protein. You are not eligible for Hyalgan therapy if you have an infection in the knee or the surrounding areas. If you are on medication including herbal therapies, ensure to tell this to your doctor to help avoid the two from counteracting each other. Hyalgan is not approved for use by anyone younger than 21 years old. If you suffer from blood clots and varicose veins, the procedure may not work for you.  Also, if you are pregnant, ensure to tell this to your doctor since Hyalgan may harm your unborn baby. Ask your doctor if there are any risks to breastfeed after treatment.

    How long does the treatment usually take to work?

    You can expect to see improvement within six months after Hyalgan therapy. The amount of time taken before healing depends on several factors including your health, adherence to your doctor’s instructions after treatment, and diet. It is safe to use Hyalgan therapy for up to 30 months.

    The quality of your mental and physical health can be debilitated by knee pain. If you are battling knee pain or osteoarthritis, Hyalgan injection can help bring that to a stop. Visit Kentuckiana Pain Specialists today for screening to help establish the right treatment plan for you.