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What You Need to Know Before You Buy a Treadmill

    The increasing demand of treadmill has encouraged fitness conscious people to buy this aerobic exercising unit for domestic use. So if you have decided to buy the best treadmill then you will have to know certain things before buying one.

    Your budget

    While buying the best treadmill first of all you should consider how much money you can spend on it as a treadmill is not an inexpensive item. While buying the best one you should also consider your affordability.

    You can find various models of treadmill in the market. But if your budget it limited in this regard then instead of buying an inferior model at low price you can opt for a refurbished or rarely used models of quality treadmill to buy it within your budget and without compromising on its quality. Some of the users of fitness equipment sell their used devices through the stores selling new as well as used products. You can find such stores in your locality for this purpose.

    Horsepower of treadmill motor

    The next important thing to consider while buying a quality treadmill is horsepower of its motor as it directly affects your workout experience as well as the quality of the equipment. Therefore, it determines the best treadmill for home use.

    The horsepower of treadmill motor should be according to your weight as well as the frequency of using it. If you are unable to figure out its horsepower then you can get it checked by a professional motor technician. It should be somewhere between 2.5 and 3 horsepower for the best results.

    Other specifications

    Other things to look in the treadmill may include:

    • Size of the belt: It should be at least 16 inch wide and 48 inch long for comfortable running
    • Speed of treadmill: The speed of treadmill should be 10 mph and above if you are using it for running
    • Inclination: The level of inclination of treadmill should be 10% or more
    • Cushioning: The running bed should be cushioned enough to absorb the shock of your foot stroke. It belt should not move around every time.
    • Control panel: It should be easy to use and easily approachable
    • Stability: The treadmill should remain stable on its frame instead of shaking while walking or running on it

    Extra programming

    You should check the things you want in your treadmill before buying one. Your choices may include a programmed treadmill for walking and running, a monitor to check your heart rate, connectability to workout sites to find new exercises, foldable treadmill for congested places and/or easily maintainable etc.

    Try it before buying

    If you find a treadmill that fulfills most of your requirements, if not all, then first of all you should spend some time, at least 10-15 minutes, with it to know about its performance. It should not shake when you walk or run on it. You can also check the functionality of the things it contains to fulfill your requirements. You can check whether it provides some additional facilities to compensate your unfilled requirements like place to put your Smartphone or music player or water bottle etc.

    Warranty of treadmill

    You should also enquire about the manufacturer’s warranty to ensure the quality of the equipment. Its frame should have warranty for lifetime whereas 10 years warranty is must of its motor. Other electronic parts should also be covered with warranty for at least 5 years.

    Delivery and installation of treadmill

    When all the things are satisfactory and you are ready to buy the best one for your home then you should also consider about its delivery as well as installation cost. Sometimes it is included in the price of the treadmill whereas in some cases you may have to pay it additionally. So before finalizing the deal you should also clear this point with the seller.

    Thus, after considering all the points discussed in this write-up you can start using your treadmill, once you get it in your home. It will allow you to get used to it by try its various programs one by one. You should rotate workout programs to keep them interesting for you for long time otherwise it can be boring to do same exercises daily. It will also allow you to explore something new to use your treadmill consistently.