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What You Should Expect After a Butt Lift Procedure

    Skin sags because of several reasons including aging, drastic weight loss, and heredity factors. Women like it more when they have a fuller behind than a flabby and sagging backside. With the help of a good cosmetic surgeon, your hopes of having a firmer, fuller butt can be achieved. Gluteoplasty, or butt lift, is one procedure that will enhance your figure and McLean butt lift experts at Sanctuary Cosmetic Center will help you actualize your dream. The facility’s cosmetics professionals use non-invasive procedures to enhance your backside and make it look full.

    What is a butt lift?

    A butt lift is a cosmetic toning procedure that uses liquid injectables to perform gluteoplasty. The safe and effective treatment enhances your bottom giving it a plump look. Unlike other procedures that involve fat harvesting from your other body parts, liquid injectables will give you a natural look without feeling pain. After the procedure is done, you will realize you have:

    •         Improved body contours
    •         An enhanced butt volume
    •         A rounder bottom
    •         A tight and lifted backside

    What happens during the liquid injectable procedure?

    Before the procedure is done, your surgeon will review your medical history then conduct a comprehensive physical examination. Cosmetic surgeons affirm that the procedure can result in a perfect fit if the patients do not have much fat in their butts or other parts of their bodies. During the treatment, your surgeon will request you to lay comfortably on a pillow before he numbs the treatment area to make the injections pain-free. Your rear tissues then get injected with natural substances that add volume to your cheeks, giving them firm contours. Since the procedure needs minimal downtime, you will walk out of the treatment and continue with your activities as usual.

    What should be expected after a butt lift?

    Before you leave the facility after the procedure is done, your surgeon will recommend aftercare instructions. You should expect some tenderness and slight bruising on the injection site. Cosmetics surgeons suggest you ice the area or take over-the-counter pain relievers to help with the pain. Your doctor will also advise you to avoid engaging in strenuous activities or sitting directly on your butt for long periods until recovery is complete. You might also be advised to go back to the facility for more injections over time to give you long-lasting results.

    What are the procedures done in a fat-harvesting butt lift procedure?

    The procedure performed with local anesthesia will force your doctor to use liposuction to transfer fats from other body parts like hips, thighs, and the stomach. He will make incisions on your skin and use a tube to remove the fat, which is then purified and made ready for injection on your bottom’s cheeks. Your doctor finally completes the procedure by injecting the purified fats into your buttocks, giving them a fuller look. The incision sites are then stitched and your surgeon puts on them a compression garment to minimize bleeding.  

    Quit thinking of painful fat harvesting to rejuvenate your backside. Get your bottom fuller, firmer and tighter by booking an appointment with an expert cosmetic surgeon at Sanctuary Cosmetic Center. You can also book an online session or call the facility for more information.