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What You Should Know About Gynecological Health

    Having a good experience with your obstetrician is essential in keeping you in good health. From pregnancy-related complications to lax vaginal muscles, women’s health covers several aspects of a woman’s reproductive system. Dr. Julie A Schurr and her team of experts in gynecology have embraced modern approaches that build long-lasting relationships with their clients. Whether it is preparing to receive your baby, dealing with menopause, or anything in between, Physicians for Women will provide you with the best service. With a reputation of excellence for nearly two decades, Physicians for Women – Mellius, Schurr & Cardwell has made sure their patients live a healthy, fulfilling life by offering them an extensive range of services.

    What are some of the services offered at the facility?

    4D Ultrasound

    4D ultrasound provides you with the proper detail, capturing images from different angles, producing a live motion video with the baby’s real-time movements.

    High-risk Pregnancy

    High risk pregnancy needs special supervision from your doctor. These pregnancies have one or more complications that decrease the mother and baby’s chances of survival, heightening preterm delivery possibilities. Each woman is treated uniquely, as your pregnancy may start healthy and normal without any signs of complications, then an issue could arise later in the pregnancy.

    What makes a pregnancy termed high risk?

    Several factors contribute to high-risk pregnancy, varying from your placenta to maternal or fetal problems. These factors include:

    •         Diabetes
    •         High blood pressure
    •         Bleeding during pregnancy
    •         Cervical incompetence
    •         Recurrent pregnancy losses
    •         Age (under 17 or above 35)
    •         History of preterm labor
    •         Maternal heart disease
    •         Infections
    •         Smoking, alcohol, or drug abuse

    How is high-risk pregnancy managed?

    Managing such a pregnancy requires constant check-ups with your gynecologist. You may be forced to make regular visits to the doctor to check on your state and the well-being of your baby. To ensure a healthy pregnancy and successful delivery, your doctor might suggest the following:

    •         Eating a healthy diet
    •         Avoid sugary sodas and energy drinks
    •         Avoid raw meat
    •         Practice stress relief exercises, like yoga 
    •         Avoid unpasteurized cheese
    •         Regular exercises as recommended by the doctor
    •         Limit eating some type of fish

    Lactation Difficulties

    Though breastfeeding helps strengthen the bond between mother and child, most women struggle at first. The midwifery services offered by professional midwives at Physicians for Women – Melius, Schurr & Cardwell help women with these complications, from empowering new moms with lactation tools to curbing poor breastfeeding techniques. Typical concerns on breastfeeding at the facility include:

    •         Nipple soreness
    •         Plugged ducts
    •         Breast infection
    •         Engorgement
    •         Too much or too little milk
    •         Difficulty latching the baby or using a nipple shield

    These appointments will not only sort out your breastfeeding problems, but also make you feel comfortable feeding your baby.

    Do not let your gynecological worries drown you in depression and anxiety when you can get help from OB/GYN experts. Book your appointment to learn more about how to maintain your maternal health.