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What you should know about insulin?

    Diabetes is one of the most common diseases prevalent worldwide and this is where knowledge about insulin comes into play. The decision about when and how to take insulin is not easy. How would a victim know when he/she needs insulin? This article will guide you about certain aspects of insulin.

    Pancreas produces a hormone called insulin. The body is assisted by this specific hormone to utilize glucose and help control the glucose levels. Victims of Type 1 diabetes normally do not produce insulin and are dependent on insulin injections for survival. People with Type 2 diabetes do not produce enough insulin on their own, hence, the insulin therapy becomes imperative for them to manage the disease.

    Here are some things every diabetes’ victim must know about insulin:


    • Insulin is not a means of last resort


    Insulin is a natural approach to treat this disease. Many people think that insulin is the last remedy, but in fact it is used as the primary therapy in most of the cases. It is not true that insulin must be only used if an individual as failed to control the disease. As the time progresses, body may find difficulties to produce insulin on its own, so the insulin therapy must be used as soon as possible.


    • There has been improvements in insulin


    Insulin treatment was first introduced in the 1920s in Canada. It is was initially made out of pancreatic tissues of cows and pigs. However, in this day and age, insulin used to treat diabetes is very different than we think. Most of it is made up of a combination of cells like bacteria with human genes. This newer form has proved to be more effective and remains more predictable. Nevertheless, more details about this aspect can be looked at


    • All insulin is not the same


    There is also a misconception that all insulin is the same. In fact, molecular engineers can and are making tiny changes to manufactured insulin so it operates more like human insulin. Different types of insulin vary in its effectiveness and nature. This means there is more versatility with the treatment where broad range of lifestyles, health issues and age groups can be treated looked upon. Healthcare professionals are well equipped to know which insulin suits the patient by looking certain factors.


    • Insulin must be treated with care


    Insulin is needed by many diabetes patients but it comes with requirements as well. It must be kept in a cool atmosphere. It is recommended to store it in refrigerators. It must not be kept over 28 days once opened. It must be inquired into before injected into our bodies to avoid undesired consequences.

    Insulin is not a cure but is an effective way to give what our body needs to be healthy. Life is certainly going to be better once the patient starts injecting insulin. However, immense care must be taken before they begin with the injection process.