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What you should know concerning testing services

    In the modern world, there have evolved many viruses that attack people unknowingly. These viruses tend to mutate over time, making it difficult for people to know they are suffering. Some of these viruses do not show any symptoms, hence patients suffer blindly. This reason has made doctors and all medical practitioners come up with testing services that help detect the viruses before they cause harm to the overall health of an individual. Morris Plains Live Urgent Care offers different testing services. Please book an appointment with them to know your health status. Some of the most critical tests include:

    What is Rapid PCR COVID – 19 testing?

    This is a group of screening procedures used in diagnosing SARS-CoV-2 or the coronavirus. In this test, a doctor generally uses a long, thin Q-tip, which swabs the nose and throat. The swabbing helps collect the deepest mucus sample for analysis. The test is done to determine the presence of viral proteins in the body.

    Who should undertake this testing?

    An individual should take the covid 19 test if:

    ·   You experience some of the COVID-19 signs and symptoms.

    ·   If you were in contact with a person who is suffering from COVID 19.

    ·   If you have recently attended or visited a crowded place.

    ·   If medical practitioners or a doctor requests you to take the test.

    What is STDs testing?

    Generally, STDs are among the infectious diseases passed from one person to another through sexual activity. STD testing is done to check if an individual is suffering from these diseases. STDs diseases include:

    ·   Gonorrhea

    ·   Syphilis

    ·   Chlamydia

    ·   Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)

    When should an individual take the STD testing?

    You are required to consider taking the test if you experience the following signs and symptoms.

    ·   If you experience severe pain during sexual intercourse.

    ·   If you experience a burning or itching in the genitals.

    ·   If you see the appearance of sores and warts on the genital parts.

    ·   If you experience an unpleasant or foul smell in your discharge.

    ·   If you also experience a constant fever.

    What is Mobile testing?

    This is a test used to determine if an individual has the coronavirus. Mobile testing uses a unique method as an individual is tested as they are relaxing in their homes. Doctors visit your home to collect the testing sample and take it to the laboratory for analysis. The result is then sent back to you at home.

    What are the different types of mobile testing?

    There are several types of mobile testing that doctors and medical practitioners widely use. They are:

    ·   Rapid Molecular Testing. It is also called the RT-PCR Test that takes molecular testing. This test provides instant results. A sample is collected from the nose and throat and mixed with a chemical solution to detect the virus.

    ·   Molecular Testing. This mobile testing approach takes the sample from a person and takes it to the laboratory to screen and analyze viral proteins.

    ·   COVID-19 Antibody Testing. This test analyzes the blood for the presence of any antibodies which proteins that fight against harmful pathogens. Blood is drawn and taken to the laboratory for testing to determine the presence of the COVID 19 virus.

    In summary, these are the most common tests that an individual may opt to take when they visit a hospital. Testing services are good as they help manage a condition before it gets worse.