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What’s Trending in The Pet Industry

    The Key Factors Impacting the Pet Industry in 2021 | Blogs |

    The pet industry is the one that is experiencing consistent and explosive growth.

    The American Pet Products Association states that almost 85 million households have a pet, and pet ownership has increased from 58% to 68% of households over the last 30 years. 

    Technology and the advent of online purchasing have brought about this phenomenal revolution in pet ownership. 

    A shift in culture cannot be ruled out as the probable cause of the booming pet ownerships. Millennial and Generation Z consumers have embraced pet-owning and pet-loving lifestyles with open arms to a far greater extent than generations before them. While baby boomers account only for 32% of pets owned, households with new-age younger adults account for 62% of pet ownership. 

    Here is how technology, a rising demand, and an increase in pet ownership have created various avenues that offer comfort and quality for pet owners and noticeable revenues to business that provide these services: 


    Dog Food Recall Alert: 9 Brands With Elevated Levels of Vitamin D

     The age of traditional pet foods is far behind us, pet owners now opt for healthy ingredients, and they do not shy away from scrutinizing the ingredient list. Fresh, frozen, and made-to-order diets for pets are all the rage these days. The pet food industry has grown to be so large that giants like Amazon and have introduced their own brands to disrupt the market by eliminating the middleman margins. Smaller and local market players have resorted to creating their individual brands and identity to counter this market takeover. 

    Treats: On average, pet parents have been recorded to feed their pets 8-10 treats a day. Treats follow similar suit with the trends of the pet food industry as they expand and innovate at an alarming rate. 

    Technology:Technological advancements have facilitated the development of pet services and conveniences along the lines of service for the people. Numerous Apps and Websites cater specifically to the needs and wants of pets and their owners. 

    Increased Services: Not only do we have customized pet food plates, services have rapidly evolved that cater to pet grooming, pet transportation, pet care, pet hotels, and so much more. 

    End of Life

    Top Websites for Pet Owners on the Internet People have begun to look at pets as an intrinsic part of their family. With the rise of such a sentiment, many services that provide for aging pets and when they pass away have emerged. Grief consulting, palliative services for terminally ill pets, pet cemeteries, and cremation are a few examples of such services.  

    Availability: The expansion of pet products and services has become so evident that even dollar stores, grocery stores, and mass merchants have added premium pet foods and other products to ensure their distribution and availability farther and wider than ever before. 

    Many brands have been relentlessly innovating to make pet owners’ lives easier and the lives of their pets simpler and more enjoyable with their products and services. 

    Here are some of the pet service brands that have been making noise, and sales, for the right reasons. 


    GlowCBD offers CBD Oils, Treats, and other products derived legally from hemp, as the name suggests. Their products provide relaxation, Mobility, Relief, and Wellness for your furry best friends. According to the World Health Organisation, CBD and its products have zero abuse potential. GlowCBD is thrilled to offer high-quality products and take pride in its unique and tested formulations.

    Pet Plate

    Pet Plate on Behance

    Pet Plate is a subscription-based service that offers premium food for dogs. They offer both supplementary nutrition to a dog’s current diet and an entire diet plan. As a result, pet Plate experiences higher retention than most other brands because once the dog starts loving its diet, the parent is hesitant to switch it. Furthermore, Pet Plate is not just limited to urban millennial consumers; its data shows that it serves various other demographic groups, which provides it with a huge potential market

    Wondercide Products

    If your pet’s wellness matters to you beyond anything, Wondercide is for you. Wondercide offers top-of-the-line, seventh-generation, safe, and effective pest control for families and homes with pets. Wondercide follows the DTC – “direct to consumer” sales approach by selling its products online and across pet specialty retailers worldwide. As a result, Wondercide has grown double and triple digits almost every year without an existential marketing budget or institutional money. Instead, the product is sold primarily through word-of-mouth. 

    KitNipBox Product

    KitNipBox is, Paws Down, The Cutest and Best Gift For Cats!

    KitNipBox sends monthly subscription boxes to cat owner’s homes. These boxes consist of high-quality toys, natural treats, and other indulging and healthy products for cats. Since the pet market has evolved for dogs, with hardly anyone catering to the needs of cats, KitNipBox’s average customer stays far longer than they do at other companies. 

    KitNipBox has managed to stay profitable without raising any outside capital. 

    Grand PooBox Product

    Grand PooBox offers state-of-the-art and innovative litter boxes for cats. Its futuristic design does away with the need to store it either in a closet or a bathroom. In addition, it uses only half as much kitty litter when compared to traditional litter boxes. It also consists of a sophisticated grated ramp on the inside, which removes litter from the cat’s paws as they walk over it. The Grand PooBox is primarily available direct-to-consumer for $85 and is made in the USA. 

    Animal Biome

    Cats and Dogs - Home

    20% of people and a similar percentage of pets suffer from digestive conditions such as colitis, inflammatory bowels, and various other gut-related disorders. In addition, a large portion of pets suffer from food sensitivities too. Animal Biome targets consumers who are proponents of proactive wellness, who want to prevent and treat these conditions in their pets. By offering gut health testing and supplements for pets that make them healthier, Animal Biome has successfully brought about a measurable and beneficial shift in the microbiome of 80% of cats and dogs that consume its products.


    Technology has made sophisticated customization possible; Pupjoy does precisely that. In its very first offering, Pupjoy offers a highly customizable subscription box that includes treats, chews, toys, supplements, and accessories based on owners’ preferences and their dogs’ sensitivities. 

    Pupjoy also offers a wide range of products pertaining to preventive care. A retail value worth double the value of the price paid by the consumer is the most outstanding value proposition that sets Pupjoy apart. As of now, Pupjoy also offers customized boxes and products in bulk for corporate gifts and loyalty programs, while its further plan includes expansion into customized pet food.