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When Your Child Needs An MRI Scan

    Going to the doctor and undergoing tests and scans can be extremely scary for both parents and children. As a parent, you will probably be worried about the outcome of the scan and the anxiety that your child will experience in the build-up to the exam. This is why it is imperative to understand everything you possibly can about how an MRI scan works so that you can explain the process to your child beforehand. This will not only help prepare them for the procedure, but it will reduce their fears and worries in the process.

    What Is An MRI Scan

    The first thing that you and your child need to understand is the scan itself. You need to know the purpose of the MRI and exactly what it can accomplish. An MRI scan is usually performed by MRI services in New Mexico and it is nothing more than a test that lets doctors see into the child’s body without even touching them. The scan will take pictures of your child’s insides to discover if there are any problems with the internal organs of blood vessels. The machine is big and intimidating, but it should really be thought of as nothing more than a big magnetic. It utilizes a magnetic field in combination with a computer to take pictures of what’s happening inside your child’s body. It is as simple as that.

    Why Would Your Child Need An MRI Scan

    There really are a number of reasons that your doctor might suggest giving your child an MRI scan. However, the most common reasons are so that the doctors can look at your child’s tissue. The MRI scan will thoroughly examine areas like the brain, chest, stomach, hips, arms, and legs to make sure that everything is operational. Doctors can then use the pictures to develop treatment plans or operations that will help make your child feel better.

    What To Know Before The Exam

    The individual that issues the exam will be known as a technologist and it will be extremely important to let this individual know if your child has allergies or is sick before undergoing the test. It is also important to mention if your child has any metal plates or metal inside their bodies because the machine is nothing more than a huge magnet. In most cases, the technologist will issue your child a gown before entering the machine. However, this is not always the case so it is best to fit your child is loose fitting clothes just in case a gown is not issued.

    Administering The Contrast Dye

    Unfortunately, your child will have to take a dose of contrast before undergoing to scan. This contrast is issued via a needle and it really shouldn’t feel like anything more than a pinch. The dose is usually administered in the arm or hand. The purpose of this contrast substance is to make sure that the pictures are clear so that the radiologist can read them. The machine will be loud and make a lot of clicking noises, but this is nothing that your child should be intimidated by.