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Which Are the Best Vape Juices to Choose from in 2018

    You got the best e-cig on the market, but there’s a problem: the bottle of e-juice that came with it is now empty. We came to the conclusion that the e-liquid is like the soul of your e-cig. If you finish it all, then you’re left with nothing – just a useless piece of tech that used to be your best friend. When you find the best vape juice, you feel like you’re in heaven, so it won’t hurt to take a look at new ejuice brands, since you may find something that can get you to a whole new level of vaping.

    Cosmic fog vapors

    We came to the conclusion that this is the best vape juice from 2018. The company makes every flavor authentic in an ISO8 facility. Every one of them is developed in a period of seven or eight months to make them perfect. Every batch of e-liquid is filtered about five times to make sure that they’re totally pure.

    They come in different nicotine and flavor levels. The 70/30 – VG/PG blend gives a bold flavor and a full-bodied vapor. You should know that Cosmic Fog is a premium quality vape juice that comes for a great price.

    Black Note E-Liquid

    This is how you get the most authentic tobacco e-juice flavor ever. And it’s understandable, since it extracts the real tobacco flavor from some real non-GMO tobacco plants that grow in the richest soils from the entire world. The tobacco plants are harvested in Italy, from the volcanic soils and they then undergo a maceration process that takes eight weeks – this way they’ll naturally extract the genuine tobacco flavor.

    The flavors then get to be blended with the ingredients of the best juices from the USA.

    A blend of 50/50 – VG/PG is used for Black Note and it is then offered in two nicotine levels. Each bottle gets to be packed in a light-proof cylinder – this way, the awesome flavor will be preserved.

    Halo E-Liquids

    Once again, we find the Halo E-Liquids in the top 3 e-liquids. And it’s understandable, since their juice is amazing. It’s worth mentioning that Halo is one of the original American e-cig businesses. They even build their own manufacturing lab in Gainesville. And it only uses the best ingredients. They’re transparent and what’s amazing in that they publish the independent lab reports of all the vape juice blends. You just have to choose the nicotine level and the VG/PG ratio. You get to enjoy a vast selection of flavors. The original ones are gourmet and tobacco.

    There’s even a new line called Evo, that offers juice with fruit and treat flavors. It’s quite famous for its dense vapor and its exciting flavor – this is why it’s the best one to choose if you want a luxurious experience.