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Which Essential Oils Are Best for Bath Bombs?

    Throughout history, essential oils have been used to soothe skin irritation, reduce anxiety, ease congestion, and treat other health issues. They are extracted from plants, which is why they feature natural scents and healing powers. However, a couple of drops are enough to experience their aromatherapeutic effects. This is particularly true when having a relaxing bubble bath.

    Essential Oils for Bath Bombs

    Bath bombs bring magic to every bathing moment, but what makes them extra special is the infusion of essential oils. Available in an array of scents, you can always splurge on the ones that calm your mind and awaken your senses. Below are some of the best bath bomb essential oils that you can consider for your next bubble bath session.


    Many people find chamomile essential oils extremely relaxing and comforting on the skin. They are used to treat eczema, rashes, or itching by reducing irritation. Given that chamomile is naturally anti-inflammatory, it makes a perfect addition to your bath bomb formulation. 


    This essential oil is derived from the berries, bark, needles, and leaves of cedar trees. It is proven effective in treating acne and dry, flaky scalp. Inhaling cedarwood promotes mindfulness and encourages deep sleep. So, this is your best pick if you are suffering from anxiety or insomnia.


    This is a highly popular and beneficial essential oil that has been used since ancient times. It comes from the Blue Gum, which is one of the 400 types of eucalyptus. Featuring aromatherapeutic properties, this oil is commonly used to make decongestant vapor rubs, which effectively loosen phlegm. A recent study also reveals that it significantly improves the immune system.


    Called ‘holy oil’ by ancient Egyptians, frankincense essential oil exudes a woody smell. It is used in skincare products due to its soothing properties. Studies also show that it can lessen arthritis pain. Whether you want healthy skin or are suffering from arthritis, you can never go wrong including frankincense in your bathing ritual. 


    Many studies reveal that the aroma of lavender essential oil eases anxiety and stress. No wonder, inhaling it results in a better mood and sleep quality. What’s more, it is used to treat wounds, reduce hair loss, and fight fungal infections. Indulge in the calming powers and health benefits of lavender by including it in your bath bomb formulation.


    The smell of lemongrass a day keeps all the negativities away. That’s because this essential oil has a sweet aroma that energizes and clears your head right away. It also comes with antibacterial properties and reduces pain brought by rheumatoid arthritis. So, it is a must-have bath bomb formulation. 

    Pick Your Favorite Essential Oil-Infused Bath Bomb

    Essential oils come in various types and scents, each with a unique aromatherapeutic benefit. They promote the well-being of your mind, soul, and body. This, of course, is best experienced when they are infused into your bath bombs. However, ensure to buy one with a ‘pure’ label. This assures you that the essential oil is 100% natural and does not contain additives.