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Who Can I Trust When It Comes to Covid 19 (Coronavirus) (Mis)Information?

    When it comes to coronavirus conspiracy, nothing stands out more to me than the COVID film. 


    The movie ‘Songbird’ is very accurate in depicting the real world scenarios that researchers and scientists have been working on for many years.

    The film is highly informative and will give you a real scoop on what goes on in the labs and research facilities all over the world.

    There are many people out there in the real world with the same diseases as what you will find in this movie.

    These are diseases such as West Nile Virus, Hepatitis A virus, Lyme disease, Mumps, Rubella virus and thousands of others.

    This information is used to protect the interests of pharmaceutical corporations from releasing any products that could help people acquire these deadly diseases.

    In this post, we’re going to go over the real coronavirus conspiracy that’s clearly acknowledged throughout this film.

    We’ll dive right into the misinformation that’s prevalent throughout the world.

    Are you ready to learn the truth about the coronavirus? Well, stick around, because it’s about to get real.

    Mad Scientists 


    There are many rumors out there in the general public that the scientists in the major research and development facilities are doing something unethical or must be smoking something due to their current practices.

    This is especially true when it comes to testing their new drugs in the lab.

    The true theory behind coronavirus conspiracy focuses on how much pharmaceutical companies will spend.

    This could be the funds for research to develop cures and treatments for the deadly viruses.

    They spend millions of dollars every single year on research and it is clear that they have a lot of money to spend on this information.

    Coronavirus conspiracy has been made even clearer through the movie ‘Songbird’.

    It shows the true picture of what happens in the laboratory when a virus is being developed.

    Most of the viruses that cause these diseases are in the research stages right now.


    Why is the movie telling us the truth about coronavirus conspiracy?

    It is because we don’t know all the details on how these viruses are made and produced. 

    The True Coronavirus Conspiracy 

    The real goal for all of the pharmaceutical companies is to keep the virus a secret so that it cannot be used to create more viruses.

    All the information is classified and is only shared with the companies who need to use it to develop a cure or treatment.

    Some of the symptoms shown in ‘Songbird’ are similar to some of the symptoms you might have already been suffering from.


    The real motivation for the movie producer was to make an educational movie and show the world what type of results real scientists can get from studying a real virus.

    They wanted to prove the point that if we can find something in nature that causes health problems, then we can also use that knowledge to figure out how to cure those problems.

    If we learn how the virus affects the body, then we can develop medicines to fight off the disease and keep it from returning.

    This is the real goal, and it is why this movie isn’t just a stunt.


    Consciousness and the New Wave of Information

    Regardless of whether certain people like it or not, there is a level playing field developing now. 


    This is known as the one unified field of the human collective.


    People worldwide are AWAKE. 


    This human collective is opening up to the new wave of information.


    Plus, we all realize that not everyone in the field of science, government, and medical fields are bad. 


    However, the problem is that true scientists, government officials, and medical field experts don’t have a monopoly on finding this information.

    Unfortunately, there are a lot of people that want to profit from the scientific process and use the information that is found.

    There are websites that were set up specifically to harvest this information for profit.

    The producers of the movie, COVID, didn’t get their information from a legitimate source, but they got their information from a source that may be less than scrupulous.

    Facts on Coronavirus Conspiracy 

    So, now that you’re gathering information to dissect and research, where can you turn to get the facts surrounding the REAL data on ACTUAL COVID cases?


    I’m here to assure you that the truth is out there. A good place to start is Mysterium Network.

    So, why should you begin your journey as a coronavirus truth hunter here?

    Well, quite simply, they stand firm on their hunt for the truth and acquire the most accurate and up to date information regarding the virus.

    Of course, that’s why I’m here to assure you that the truth is out there. A good place to start is Mysterium Network.

    You can count on them because they don’t have any hidden agenda.


    This is because they’re wanting to see change in the world we live in.


    At their core, they strive towards censorship free Internet for all. That’s because they believe in human rights. 


    So, take my advice and know that if you dig deep enough, especially in a decentralized environment, you’re bound to discover the facts on coronavirus conspiracy.


    Happy hunting!!