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Why are aquarium plants turning brown

    As an aquarium lover, you should read this article carefully. Because I have pointed out some possible reasons for ‘why are aquarium plants turning brown. Check these points and find out your failings so that you can keep healthy plants for a long time.

    I will request you to read this article attentively and take immediate action to solve the problems. Along with questions, I have added some tips regarding this matter. 

    Let’s see the points-

    For poor management-  

    If you ask anyone, ‘why are aquarium plants turning brown.’ Then everyone will suggest you maintain an eco-friendly environment. What do you need to manage appropriately? 

    • Lighting
    • Nutrition
    • Cleaning
    • Plant choosing
    • Food choosing
    • Water’s PH level checking

    These are important points. If you can maintain those, then your plants will be healthy and beautiful, and you can grow any plant. As I will discuss these points, so, keep your eyes on the following points below. 

    Lack of nutrition-

    Before starting the point, let’s discuss a general question regarding this matter. And the question is- ‘i bought all the healthy plants, but suddenly they have started turning brown. Why?’

    There might be two reasons behind this. One is ‘lack of proper lighting’; another is ‘ lack of proper nutrition.’ In this paragraph, I will discuss only nutrition. 

    • Use eco-friendly substrate: If you want to keep a good number of healthy plants, then maintain eco-friendly substrate. In the market, you will find some high-quality substrate that contains 25 minerals along with beneficial bacteria. Sounds good. Right?

    It sounds not only useful but also gives full nutrition back up to the plants. 

    • Use fertilizer: if you want to keep two or three plats only then keep some aquarium fertilizer under the substrate.
    • You can keep root fertilizer plants in the aquarium.

    Lack of nutrition means nitrogen insufficiency. These steps will help complete the needs.

    Lack of adequate lighting- 

    You may think that plants are okay under all light, but it’s not true! 

    You have to ensure proper lighting to keep healthy plants. As we all know, plants are very good at making their food by doing photosynthesis. To do photosynthesis, they need proper and perfect lighting. You can use a ‘grow-light’ fluorescent tube, which is designed for better growth of plants. So use this tube and stop using ‘blue ray,’ creating lights and fancy lights for decoration. 


    Lack of carbon dioxide (CO2)-

    It is easy to balance lighting and nutrition, but balancing or increasing carbon dioxide is not easy. To fill the gap, you have to maintain some steps-

    • Maintain proper lighting
    • Choose slow-growing plants
    • Keep the number of plants small, because more plants = more oxygen.
    • If you love plantation in your aquarium, then keep a balance between fish and plants so that carbon dioxide and oxygen levels stay in a balanced position.
    • CO2 injector is an optional thing. If you think that you fail to maintain proper balance ( light and nutrition), then go for the injector.

    For the wrong plant selection- 

    You might think that plant selection is not a big deal, and you can choose any plant of your choice. I agree with you. But if we follow some rules, then our plants will be green for a long time with less effort. I prefer ‘java ferns’ very much. It is easy to handle and looks good too! 

    • There are high, medium, and low light plants. If you prefer ‘low light plant,’ then organize your aquarium with small light plants. So that your maintaining process will be fixed. If you choose different plants then maintaining process will be complex
    • Choose the aquarium plants only

    Make sure all plants are rooted correctly-

    It is essential to point and ensures all plants are rooted in the substrate. Sometimes this can be a severe issue for plant damaging.

    A quick look at other problems and tips:

    • Before asking- why are aquarium plants turning brown, change your aquarium water frequently to avoid water hardness. 
    • Don’t put fancy lights into the aquarium; instead, use soft, decent light. These high-quality lights are harmful to plants.
    • An inaccurate spectrum could be the reason.
    • Most people don’t study aquarium plantation; that’s why they do not know much about it and at last, become a sufferer. it’s better to investigate appropriately before plantations
    • As colorful plantation is expensive, so you need to be more conscious.


    As an aquarium lover, I know how important today’s article is for all the aquarium lovers. So I know how it feels when we lose out favorite fish and plants. These tips will be helpful to you. I hope your plants will be green and healthy if you follow these points accurately. Best of luck. If you want to learn more tips & guide visit