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Why are Respiratory Full-Face Masks Considered the First Preference of Many?

    The respiratory full face masks are one of the most convenient CPA gear that offers an effective delivery of air to treat obstructive breathing complications. The full-face mask covers a large area of the face that includes both the nasal area and the mouth, and it fits with a strap behind the head. The use of the full-face mask is in high demand, as the number of patients with obstructive sleep apnea is growing day by day. Unlike other masks, it is much comfortable in the first choice of many patients. In case you are thinking of having a full-face mask for you, then where is what you need to know about it.

    How do the respiratory full-face masks help in sleep apnea? 

    The CPAP or BiPAP therapy for the obstructive breathing issue while sleeping uses the method of delivering air pressure through the breathing passages to reduce the obstructive feeling while sleeping. The therapy requires a well-equipped setup with a mask to deliver the air properly with ease to reduce the obstructions in the breathing passages while sleeping. This is why it is important to ensure that you are using the right mask for your treatment. 

    There are various masks available for treating sleep apnea. The full-face masks are one of those various types. The full-face masks cover the large area on the face that includes both the nasal area and mouth so that you can breathe easily through both your breathing passages. 

     The CPAP machine produces the fresh air by filtering it to remove the impurities, using a motor and a filter. And then the air passes through the hose and to the mask to deliver it to your nose and mouth, to improve the breathing with a reduced obstruction while sleeping. The full-face mask offers a sufficient quantity of air with the moderate and high-pressure setting, necessary for the ailment therapy of severe sleep apnea. 

    Why is it worth picking a full-face mask over nasal gears? 

    Most of the physicians tend to prescribe sleep apnea patients with the full-face mask, as it eases the pathways of breathing with reduced irritation and obstruction. 

    The nasal pillow mask or the nasal mask only covers the areas corresponding to the nostrils. Thus, such masks deliver the air through the nasal area only. But they are not so convenient when it comes to delivering the air with a high-pressure setting. The direct offering of high-pressure air through the nose can cause various difficulties and irritations. The full-face mask thus seems less irritating as the air pressure gets uniformity in the large area of the mask. 

    The goal of the full-face mask is to deliver the air with much natural approach. Thus, it effectively reduces the obstructiveness. On the other hand, those who are mouth breathers prefer the full-facemask as it delivers the air through the mouth passage. At the same time, it is even easier to use a full face mask as it does not cause nose bleeding or any kind of inflammation in the nasal area. 

    Those who tend to have too much congestion due to the seasonal cough and colds and allergies get satisfactory results from the full-face mask. Many users often complain that the nasal mask triggers claustrophobia in them. The full-face mask conveniently reduces the claustrophobic sensations in sleep apnea patients. 

    How to reduce the dehydration of airways through full face masks? 

    The only drawback that most of the patient’s experience is the drying a way of creating passages and eyes due to the dried air within the full-face mask. This undoubtedly causes too much irritation for the users. However, the easiest way to resolve it is to opt for a humidifier that moistures the passageways through hot water steaming and gives a relieving sensation while sleeping with proper comfort. 


    If you are opting for the effective sleep apnea treatment through the CPAP machines, then the full-face masks are the very convenient gear to pick for the effective treatment. All you need to consider is, you are picking the right one that suits your pressure setting and doesn’t leak the air due to the inappropriate fitting.