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Why Choose Hamilton Vascular?

    It is estimated that close to a third of the population aged above thirty years will experience pelvic congestion syndrome, which is a medical condition that causes pelvic pain. This condition is considered a result of enlargement of veins in the pelvic area. Many women who are the age of childbearing and have had several pregnancies are at the highest risk of pelvic congestion syndrome. A multidisciplinary team from pelvic congestion syndrome in Round Rock will cover all sorts of vein diseases in the pelvic area. Hamilton is a modern facility fully equipped with modern medical equipment and is home to highly trained and experienced specialists who aim to offer the best medical attention.

    For generations, Hamilton has been ranked as the best modern private hospital in Toronto, Canada, because of the excellent standards and high-quality services and premium care to the patients. Hamilton is considered the pacesetter in the medical field guided and inspired by core values such as dignity to our patient and social service league, which consist of a non-racial, non-religious and non-political institution. There is a various reason why Hamilton Vascular is considered as a one-stop medical centre for all vein related diseases.

    Respiratory Care

    Hamilton provides the most advanced technology in respiratory care features. This technology is used to treat people with pneumonia, emphysema, asthma, bronchitis and other related respiratory diseases. Our advanced treatment technology is combined with highly trained medical staff to ensure we deliver the highest quality care, compassion, empathy, and comfort. Hamilton’s Care team treats all pediatric patients and administers therapeutic medical gases and medication. We also manage assistive devices and mechanisms to maintain vital airways.

    Vascular Artery Disease

    Hamilton Vascular Centre has developed a better treatment plan for people with vascular diseases. These treatments include the restoration of blood flow and vascular diseases such as Aortic Aneurysms which weaken and rapture abdominal aorta. Peripheral Artery Disease happens when plaque buildup inside the blood vessels causing atherosclerosis which reduces blood flow in major arteries in the body.

    Breast Health

    Hamilton Vascular Centre will help individuals in early detection of breast cancer to prevent it. Early detection ensures patients receive the most advanced care available to diagnose and treat breast cancer in its earliest and curable stages. Women above the age of 40 years are encouraged to have an annual mammogram screening which is one of the most effective ways of screening breast cancer.


    Hamilton Medical Center is currently ranked the best in surgical care and other crucial orthopaedic surgery and is certified by the joint commission in shoulder, knee and hip replacement surgery. Hamilton Vascular Medical Centre has undergone a thorough on-site survey in which the joint commission expert has evaluated the hospital and ensures they comply with the standard of care to the specific needs of the patient such as infection prevention and control, as well as medication and leadership management.

    Emergency Care

    Hamilton’s emergency department has the best and dedicated team of professionals ready to listen and serve you and your family when emergencies happen. A visit to the emergency department sometimes becomes frustrating and frightening due to poor handling of your emergency. In Hamilton, we have prepared and trained our emergency team to handle our patients with compassion and care and to respond to emergencies in the quickest way possible.

    In conclusion, good health means not only the absence of disease in our body but the complete physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Good health makes an essential contribution to economic progress as a healthy population lives longer, are more productive, and contribute mainly to the country’s gross domestic product. Ensure you maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle, and incorporate regular body exercise.  Visit Hamilton Vascular Center today for regular screening and regular physical exam to check your health and risk factors that could lead to a preventable health hazard.