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Why Choosing the Right Mattress is Essential to your Health

    Remember those nights where you had to wake up in the middle of the night feeling stressed or those mornings when you woke up with depressing back aches? We often ignore what could be the most contributing factor to poor health in our lifestyle – our mattresses. Either we use them for too long or we make the wrong choice during purchase. This can result in long-term complications for our health.

    The Right Mattress Lowers Stress

    A research carried out on some 59 men and women in good shape was conducted in 2009. In the end, lower stress levels were observed in the ones who had better sleep and on better mattresses.  Strange as it might sound, with the right mattress worrying, nervousness and irritability are reduced. The wrong mattress causes discomfort which can lead to difficulty in falling or staying asleep. Your body and mind cannot relax into sleeping when your muscles are under stress due to discomfort. This can to significantly improve your health. Find the correct pressure mattress that can take care of supportive issues. Read more here.

    Watch Out for Dust Mites

    Ever heard of dust mites? Those microscopic creatures that feed on dead skin cells you shed occasionally. Well, they can often invade mattresses that are not designed to prevent them. The right mattresses usually have covers that act as proof for dust mites and prevent them from spreading. Dust mites can cause allergies and irritation; hence, it is pertinent to get mattresses that protect against them. This will help to reduce discomfort and improve contribute to a healthy you. If dust mites are already a problem for you, you might have to consider using a vacuum to clean the mattress. Also, wash all bed covers and linens before re-using them. This cordless vacuum guide will help you to find the best vacuum for cleaning your mattress.

    You’re Body Type Matters

    Clearly identifying amattress’ firm to firm features requires a considerable amount of expertise; one we cannot simply ignore on the basis of prejudicial anonymity. You weigh 130 pounds and you purchase an extremely firm mattress. What happens is that due to low muscle mass, there is increase pressure on the lumbar area that can develop into serious pains. Hence, your body type should be taken into consideration when choosing a mattress. Per Get best mattress, the best mattress should offer good spinal and lumber support for your body. Test-drive a queen foam mattress for an ample amount of time before making a purchase. In the case where you are making an online purchase, pay attention to online customer and authority reviews to get a clear idea of how your body type will fare for a particular type of mattress. Some studies report that four out of every five people complain of body pain due to improper mattress. The more accurate way to put it is, “get a proper mattress for the proper body type.” There has to be a fit between the body type and the mattress.

    Do not Deprive your Body

    There is nothing as good as a good sleep. The body rejuvenates itself during sleep. Cell regeneration and muscle development also take place during this period of inactivity. Depriving the body of its rejuvenating capacity through improper sleep support can lead to health issues. The right mattress offers the right support during sleep. This should not be taken lightly.

    The Wrong Mattress versus an Unhealthy Body

    Using the wrong mattress has been shown to affect the immune system. Sleep deprivation due to the wrong mattress can weaken the immune system. This means exposure to illnesses like colds and even severe ones too. Poor sleep also puts the heart at risk. When you do not sleep well, you tend to wake up in the middle of the night feeling stressed. Many persons can result to eating which is a very bad idea especially when it comes to body weight. Bad sleep due to the wrong kind of mattress can lead to memory impairment. During REM sleep, also known as deep sleep, the brain develops proper memory patterns. Sleep deprivation can disrupt this deep sleep process and lead to memory impairment.


    With proper research and financial investment, you can give yourself quality sleep and greatly lead a healthy life. There are numerous options available. A quick search online will reveal an array of products with customer reviews to guide you into making the right choice of mattress, one that will be fitting for you. So the best place to buy a mattress is here.

    Author Bio:

    Vikas Dhiman is the owner of Visual Hull, a full-service digital marketing agency that is highly focused on small and medium businesses. He enjoys hiking, swimming, and photography.