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Why Choosing the Right Shoes Boost Your Overall Body Health

    When buying shoes, we only think about fashion. Learn here why wearing good supportive shoes boost your overall body health.

    It doesn’t matter if it’s a pair of stiletto heels, a nice comfortable pair of sneakers, or flip flops. If the shoe fits and looks awesome, you’re most likely going to buy it. When it comes to buying shoes, most people are concerned about aesthetics.

    What they should really be concerned about is finding good supportive shoes. Shoes that will look good on you but have positive impacts on your health as well. Getting a pair that is too tight or too loose will increase your chances of injury.

    Keep reading to learn more about the importance of choosing shoes that provide the right amount of support. 

    Your Chance for Injury is Lessened

    If you’re an athlete you have to buy shoes that are designed for the sport you play. Tennis shoes are a lot different than running shoes. 

    Making that mix-up will increase your chances of injury while you play. You also have to consider how those Air Jordan 1’s fit when you try them on. If they’re too tight or too loose, it will cause unneeded stress on your feet. 

    Pre-Existing Conditions

    If you have arthritis in your hips, feet, knees, or ankles, wearing the wrong shoes will only make the condition worse. On the flip side of this, wearing the right shoes will actually reduce your foot pain and allow you to walk around easier. 

    Avoid tight shoes and high heels. Instead, go for low comfortable heels and stability shoes.

    Less Stress to Your Bones and Joints

    When you walk correctly, your heel will hit the ground first. From there, your arch will roll and allow the ball of your foot and big toe to make contact. When your foot lifts off the ground you should be pushing with the ball of your foot and toe. 

    During this process, if your arch moves a little too far inward (or not far enough), your foot won’t be able to absorb the shocks that come with walking which will cause stress. 

    The shoes you wear have a huge impact on the way you walk. The right ones will help you walk correctly so your feet can absorb the shocks.  

    Some Shoe Types Aren’t Suited for Activity 

    Some shoe types are simply more suited for activity than others. Wearing a nice pair of heels to a fancy dinner is one thing. Trying to wear them out running is another. 

    flip flops and high heels should only be worn on rare occasions if you want to avoid foot pain. 

    You Need a Pair of Good Supportive Shoes

    When picking out shoes many people make their choice solely on what looks good on them. While aesthetics are important, they aren’t everything.

    You need a pair of good supportive shoes to take the pressure off your bones and joints and avoid certain health conditions. Take care of your feet. 

    You’ll need more than a good pair of shoes to keep health problems away. Check out our blog daily for all the latest wellness advice.