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Why Cordyceps Boost Athletic Performance (Fast!)

    As far as supplements go, there’s one place you never thought you’d look.


    You heard that right. Fungi, particularly Cordyceps fungi, is proving itself as the next big breakthrough in health supplements. And it’s showing some real promise when it comes to athletic performance.

    Wondering why cordyceps boost athletic performance fast? We’ve put together this guide to help you out, so keep reading below.

    What Is Cordyceps?

    Cordyceps is a type of fungi. While there are hundreds of kinds of Cordyceps within this family, here we will be talking about Cordyceps sinesis. 

    Cordyceps sinesis was found initially in the high altitude regions of Tibet and China. Cordyceps grows out of the heads of dead caterpillars and exists in abundance in this region.

    Native Himalayan mountaineers (sherpas) discovered that, when consumed in tea form, Cordyceps proved a potent elixir for endurance. They believed it enabled them to climb longer.

    Science is coming around to proving that this claim might be valid.

    Cordyceps Improves VO2

    For athletes, one of the most important functions is the ability of your lungs to take in oxygen, or VO2 (oxygen volume).

    Every athlete, particularly endurance athletes, would be excited to know about Cordyceps’ impact on VO2. It’s one of the most consistently proven effects of Cordyceps on the body.

    A study from 2001 examined Cordyceps’ effect on the aerobic capacity of healthy humans. 

    According to the study, after six weeks of Cordyceps use, the experimental group showed a 6% increase in oxygen uptake from 1.88 to 2.0 liters per minute. 

    The placebo group experienced no such increase.

    Some of Cordyceps’ power might come from cordycepic acid, which researchers are discovering is a crucial compound affecting blood oxygenation.

    But this is only the beginning. As researchers dig into what makes Cordyceps so effective, the benefits seem to keep piling up.

    The Many Benefits of Cordyceps

    The more science that comes out, the more it shows the potential effects of Cordyceps might have on many aspects of health.

    • Anti-inflammatory: Studies show that Cordyceps can have an anti-inflammatory property, particularly when it comes to the respiratory system. This can bode well for asthmatics.
    • Strengthens kidneys: Studies suggest that Cordyceps helps the body increase its levels of kidney-fortifying agents, like ketosteroid and hydroxyl-corticosteroid.
    • Anti-cancer: Research findings show Cordyceps’ ability to limit tumor growth. Cordyceps had anti-tumor effects on many types of tumor cells, including melanoma, Lewis lung carcinoma, and prostate tumors.
    • Libido: Preliminary studies in animals suggest that Cordyceps may enhance libido. This has long been a claim but has yet to be proven scientifically in humans.

    You may be thinking of adding Cordyceps to your wellness arsenal. It’s worth considering. For vital, relevant information on all things wellness, visit

    Magic Mushroom or Just a Trend?

    As with any new supplement, there’s always hype. Luckily, as science continues to advance, it can test products early on. So far, Cordyceps is holding its own.

    More than just an overhyped magic mushroom, Cordyceps may just take your performance to the next level.

    Thanks again, mother nature!

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