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Why do you need to make the switch from traditional braces to clear aligners?

    Anyone undergoing orthodontic treatment has the privilege to choose between clear aligners or traditional braces. However, nowadays, patients are inclining more towards aligners over traditional wire orthodontics. Everyone has their reasons for opting for orthodontic treatment. Suitable treatment should be able to cater to the variety of needs of the patient. Discussed below are specific reasons that have made aligners more popular over traditional braces, especially among the adults.


    Hardly visible


    Most of the adult patients prefer clear aligners over traditional braces because they are almost invisible. Thus, it hides that the patient has opted for orthodontic treatment, which can be a source of embarrassment for some people. However, another aesthetic benefit that clear aligners have is that it also hides existing gaps between teeth.


    Many high schools going children prefer clear aligners for their aesthetic benefit. However, traditional prices are preferable for younger patients because they help in customizing the fixture’s bracket. Some children also go for colored accessories that may symbolize the color of the school team. It has made traditional braces are popular among small children because they can correct the smile in a stylish way.


    Easy to remove


    Traditional braces are indeed complicated to remove. However, aligners can be easily removed and put back. You can remove it while eating or even brushing your teeth. As such, aligners do not deter your hygiene routine of usual flossing and brushing.


    Traditional braces do restrict patients from certain food items because they might damage the fixture. On the other hand, clear aligners allow the patient to eat whatever they desire as you can remove it while eating.


    Additional health benefits


    Many teenagers develop habits of poor oral hygiene when they opt for traditional braces. It becomes very challenging to clean your teeth while putting braces on. Thus it disturbs the cleaning routine, making them develop poor oral hygiene habits. Therefore kids require more frequent orthodontic treatment even to clean the calcium deposits from the teeth. The cosmetic dental procedures can remove calcium deposits because you cannot live with white spots that can damage your appearance.


    In some cases, lack of oral hygiene also leads to swollen gums, which can become problematic later. It might also lead to the development of various diseases, such as gingivitis. If you do not treat it properly, then it can have lifelong implications. Earlier clear aligners corrected slightly crooked teeth, but now even complicated orthodontic cases are corrected with clear aligners.


    Clear aligners are a breakthrough in orthodontic treatment because they can remove the social stigma associated with teeth correction. 


    Hassle-free scanning


    Most kids like to opt for clear aligners from reputed companies like Invisalign because they have a hassle-free scanning system. As such, you do not have to undergo complicated procedures of using mouth extenders to scan your teeth. Digital scanning helps in making teeth impression most comfortable and accurate. Digital scanning procedures have made clear aligners more popular in the world of orthodontic treatment.