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Why Does Weed Make You Sleepy?

    You’ve just lit one up a while back, and you feel that you’re starting to doze off. Does this happen to you often? It’s important to point out that weed, just like any other substance can have different effects on people. That being said, making you sleepy is certainly one of the common effects of weed. 

    Is there a reason for this? Well, it technically comes down to THC levels. Certain studies seem to show that THC can mimic the effects of melatonin. Which is the substance that your body naturally produces to be able to induce sleep. The next question then might be, do you want weed to make you sleepy?

    What To Do When You Do Want To Use Weed As A Sleeping Aid

    As we mentioned THC is the substance within the cannabis plant that is responsible for producing that “sleep effect”. Therefore, if you do want to explore weed as a sleeping aid you may want to look into using diamond extracts as your weed of choice if you will. Particularly if you need some extra help sleeping. THC diamonds typically are made from 75 to 90% pure THC. Naturally, these substances tend to be way more effective at producing the sleep effect than regular weed is.

    One of the best things about using cannabis diamonds is that you can smoke them in a variety of ways. As is typical with cannabis extracts. This means that you don’t necessarily have to light up a joint to be able to fall asleep. You can use a wide variety of vaping methods to be able to immerse yourself in a sleep-inducing experience. 

    One, that you definitely won’t get with pills or with another type of substance. By the way, using this method can be a great way to avoid having to pop pills to get yourself to sleep. Not to mention the fact that since THC does mimic melatonin you’ll be experiencing a much more natural sleeping process.

    What To Do When You Don’t Want To Use Weed As A Sleeping Aid 

    If you are more of a social smoker then perhaps that sleeping effect is not one that you’re looking for. What can you do to counteract these effects? The number one thing that you can do is to not over bake yourself. When you smoke too much you’re more likely to start feeling sleepy. If you like the intake that you’re getting, but you just want to fight off the sleep effect, keeping hydrated is a must. Make sure that you bring enough water with you. So that you can smoke at your usual rate while still feeling fully functional.

    Would adding caffeine to the mix help you stay awake? Yes, it’s actually a good idea to have some coffee to try and balance yourself out. Ideally, though, get yourself a regular cup of coffee. Maybe, stay away from espressos. Just so that you’re not putting your body through a massive up and down effect. Water, and a cup of coffee plus, being well-rested to begin with, is a good recipe to avoid feeling sleepy!