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Why Drinking Water Is the Way to Go

    Water is essential to the human body. The average person can survive just three days without water. Surprisingly adults are 60% water and babies are as much as 75% water!

    It’s not just humans that need water, it’s essential for every living being on the planet. Water is what scientists search for on other planets, it’s the key indicator of alien life. 

    Of course, you lose water every day. Water leaves your body when you urinate, when you sweat, and through natural evaporation. That water needs to be replenished, that’s why drinking regularly is important.

    But, while there are many options regarding what to drink, you should be focused on drinking water. Many of the alternatives contain water but also contain sugar and artificial ingredients including chemicals. Drinking soda is not the same as drinking water, it doesn’t offer the same minerals but is more likely to rot your teeth.

    Elements of Water in your Body

    Water is in your blood, that’s the fluid that travels around your body delivering oxygen and minerals to your organs. Without water the blood wouldn’t carry the oxygen and the cells would die. If the cells die your body will stop working.

    Water is also essential to regulate your body temperature, it forms part of your waste products and even helps the waste to leave your body. In fact, water is also an essential part of your digestive system, without it you wouldn’t be able to extract the nutrients from food.

    In other words, water is an important part of every mechanism in your body, you need to make sure you’re taking enough in per day.

    How Much Water Should You Drink

    The official guideline suggests 8 big glasses of water a day. This can sound daunting but you need to remember that you don’t just get water from drinking water.  Milk and fruit are full of water but, they also have other elements in them, that’s why it’s better to stick to the pure stuff.

    What’s In Tap Water

    It’s worth noting that tap water is generally considered safe to drink because it’s been treated by the water treatment plant and conforms to government standards. 

    However, it is not possible to guarantee the water that comes out of your tap is the same as the water that leaves the treatment center. There are many variables along the way that can affect the quality. Of particular concern is debris and bacteria that can get into the water supply through split pipes.

    Water also contains chemicals, specifically chlorine and fluoride. Chlorine is effective at killing bacteria and fluoride is said to help prevent tooth decay. 

    However, research is contradictory. The best way to ensure your tap water is safe to drink is to use a 5 stage reverse osmosis filter system. 

    This will give you pure water which you can confidently drink, knowing that you’re helping your body get the most important ingredient of all, water. That’s good for your health today, tomorrow, and forever.