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    I can understand your reaction when you hear the word fake pee. You are very much allowed to cringe at the mention of synthetic urine, but your sentiments are obviously justified, considering that you have never had a very fulfilling job denied you as a result of one minor illness or the other.


    The fact is that we live in a world where we should to a very great extent still have access to our privacy and personal space.   


    It is very hard to find a singular person that is perfectly healthy, there are always going to be shortcomings to one’s health— we are not created to be perfect. 


    It is not to say that tests are a bad thing, but a situation where you have a minor condition say like diabetes—and you probably have been living with this for several years. 


    Only to get to the point of being accepted in a job and you have passed through all the rigorous hurdles of an interview and written tests only to be refused at the last minute, because of your health condition.


    The example above and many more like cases are why fake pee will always be appreciated by the general public.


    Don’t even get me started on the fact that many people are now using this synthetic urine to cheat their way through their various urine tests.


    In response to that school of thought above, Many people have had their urine or drug test manipulated for good or for bad.


    And in most cases, it is for the worst, especially if your office or sports team is looking for a cheap way to get rid of you without being liable for any future litigations.


    They go out of their way to make under table payments in ensuring that you get a negative test result so as to have a solid ground to lay you off.


    You might not take my word for it, but the publication by the National Radio Inc. about an Annie Dookhan who worked for nine years at Hinton State Laboratory Institute might.


    In the nine years that she worked in that laboratory just outside of Boston, she doctored over 21,587 samples (mind you this were the ones that were discovered). So if that alone is not enough to convince you—-then I don’t know what will.