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Why Fitness – Importance of Overall Wellness

    Remember! in present age and time when we don’t get to live in healthy conditions, an effort to fitness becomes a need, not a choice.


    The situation is particularly worse in cities, where polluted environment, distance from nature, hectic and busy routines, and it is must that we should adopt exercise as a lifestyle.


    Even when we don’t have serious fitness ambitions and just want to be limited to some functional fitness training, an exercise on a daily basis can help us live quality, healthy and fit lives.


    On one hand, we are able to protect ourselves from risks of disease, and on the other, we enjoy our lives thoroughly. We don’t have to live for the sake of just living, but enjoy every moment of our lives.

    It is always a great feeling of overall wellness, that we immerse into our life activities in their details and have a sense of relaxation, comfort, safety and happiness.

    So, no matter at what level we do, how much we do, and whether we do it with or without fitness training equipment, exercise is a must. It changes our lives and our approach towards our lives the day we start exercising. 


    There are loads of benefits of exercise – you name a positive change, and you can get through exercise; here are listing a few general ones to inspire you for fitness for life


    • Exercise is essential in present age and time


    As we have said earlier, that exercise is a must-have activity in present age and time for following reasons:


    We don’t get natural, organic and green environment to live in. It is impossible in cities. It is even more so in industrial cities.


    We don’t have access to quality, healthy, organic and fresh foods. Even when we try, we still get process, frozen and many days old foods.


    We have very busy, hectic and pressures-driven lifestyles. Our work, our homes and our relationships are demanding.


    Environment is polluted. Air is polluted with transport smoke, industrial waste and noise.  In cities, we inhale all unhealthy elements in the air, and we don’t know how much we do that on a daily basis.


    All above, and many other factors, leave us with no choice but to increase readiness of our bodies to sustain all these pressures and improve quality of our lives as much as possible.


    The moment we are relaxed and do not do a physical activity, we become weaker and all health-damaging factors become more forceful, so much so that we face risk of facing mental health challenges.



    • Fitness improves quality of life


    When we are left with no choice about accessing healthy foods and natural living conditions, we should start a physical activity on a regular basis – exercise – to reduce impact of those factors on our bodies.


    When we exercise, we help your cardiovascular system become and stay strong in the face of challenges. We aid our metabolic system to stay properly functional to get maximum nutritional value from whatever we eat.

    We overall help our entire body to stay healthy and fit, and it helps us improve our situations, and our quality of life. A fitness effort, with or without fitness training equipment, and at any level, helps us waste bad energy and gain fresh and positive energy.


    It helps us to live a healthy life, no matter in what conditions we live in. Without an exercise, there is no other way, or short-cut that can better our circumstances.


    • Exercise protects from risk of disease


    No matter how careful we are, we are exposed to risk of diseases, even those serious ones such as diabetes and cancer, unless we do something about it.


    A fitness effort is one such thing that we can do it easily and protect ourselves from potential risk of health challenges. All genres of sciences, wisdom and experiences of wise guys, point out at exercise as best we can do to keep us healthy and fit, as much as we can.


    Without exercise, especially when we do not have access to quality environment, food, plus intense life pressures, it is almost certain we could face health challenges.


    One thing is important here, that risk of mental health challenges is even greater without an exercise and fitness. Depression, anxieties and many other small to serious mental health problems are often associated to inactive and unhealthy lifestyles. 


    So, avoid all those and for the sake of your overall wellbeing, it is highly recommended that make exercise, at gym or home, with or without a fitness training equipment, a routine, just like other daily routines. 


    • Exercise aids recovery and stability 


    A fitness effort becomes even more important, when (God forbid) we are with a health problem, including a mental health challenge. It helps:


    In quick recovery from those problems and challenges, and even when a complete recovery is not possible, it definitely helps in better management of that problem, increases body’s knack to sustain that challenge successfully. It improves our health and wellness overall, so we can live a quality life besides with our illness.


    Costly treatments are another damning aspect of recoveries from health problems, and when we exercise or make another fitness or rehabilitation effort, we are able to reduce our medical bills to an extent.


    So, when we think of financial benefit of our fitness effort, especially in the longer run, they are greater than when we do not do any physical activity.

    An exercise also helps us reduce level of dependency on others in the time of difficulty. We gain strength and energy from it that we are able to do many small tasks such as eating, taking medication or moving from a place to another on our own. 


    Consider, for example, obesity, which is a rapidly growing problem, sometimes is so much problematic that even standing up without an assistance is impossible for a person. Imagine every moment and day that an obese person lives without making a fitness effort, it aggravates the problem.  


    Author Bio:

    (name?) is a sports educationist and fitness instructor. She regularly blogs on the subjects of sports, exercise, motivation and emotional therapy. ???? currently is associated with Xn8 Sports who specialize in designing, manufacturing and selling Boxing, MMA & Fitness gear and accessories.