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Why Functional Health Beverages are Superior to Conventional Energy Drinks

    Aromatic green tea and teapot on black rock. Chinese cuisine.

    In the battle between beverages, there are some that promise quick and easy access to energy, while others boast a variety of vitamins to help sustain your body and keep you healthy. Two types of drinks that are constantly battling it out are health beverages, such as infused teas and energy drinks, often packed with sugar as a consequence of providing energy on the go. In this article, we’ll be discussing why healthy beverages are always a better option than sugary energy drinks.

    What Constitutes a Health Beverage?

    Functional health beverages are any type of drink that is natural, often organic and boast a range of health benefits; from weight loss, to vitamin provision. A healthy alternative to the types of over-the-counter energy drinks, these beverages are widely available from reputable and reliable distributors in Europe and can be purchased individually, as well as in bulk, allowing you to take full advantage of the healthy properties that they have to offer.

    What About Energy Drinks?

    Without mentioning the big name brands, most of us know what energy drinks are and they can come in cans and bottles with a range of exciting flavours to choose from. But that’s where the excitement ends unfortunately, as these drinks are often overloaded with sugars and unwanted chemical ingredients, which might act to provide energy and a feeling of focus, but they can gradually take a toll on your body over time. As a result, more and more people are looking for a healthy alternative to these soft drinks and are finding themselves turning to teas and health-enhancing solutions instead.

    Why Are Functional Health Drinks Superior?

    It’s simple really – they don’t typically contain any potentially harmful preservatives or additives, the flavours are usually entirely natural, they can provide a wide range of health-enhancing benefits – and they are incredibly affordable when considering how much of a positive impact they can have on the human body.

    Unlike sugar-filled energy drinks that rely on this white ingredient to provide an energy boost, natural, healthy alternatives turn to plant extracts, fruits, vegetables and other important ingredients to get the job done the right way. Studies have proven that over time, energy drinks can have an adverse effect on your liver, kidneys and even your blood pressure – and all of this for the sake of an energy boost during the day certainly doesn’t seem that appealing.

    On the other side of the coin, healthy, natural beverages don’t have a negative toll on your body, while providing all of the benefits associated with traditional fizzy energy drinks, as well as their own unique health enhancing properties that have been proven by research. Consider for example a simple organic green tea when compared to an energy drink.

    Not only can green tea calm your mind, but it can also enhance your blood flow and stimulate focus, it can do so without needing sugar, additives and potentially toxic chemicals running through your internal organs. Energy drinks simply attempt to mimic these benefits on a temporary level, often doing more harm than good the longer your body is exposed to them.