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Why Intermediate Boxers choose 301gym to Perfect their Techniques

    If you want to be a success in any area of your life, you’ve got to give it all you can. There is no denying that if you want to be an excellent Muay Thai fighter, the training to get there can be pretty gruelling.

    There are sits ups and push-ups, there is plenty of sparring, skipping, running, swimming, bag work and pads. Without a doubt, you have to put in the work to be the fighter you aspire to be. Most people want to know where they need to go to get excellent training to reach that level of skill that will get you a spot in the ring.

    Apart from Being in Shape, you must be Technical

    So how and where do you go to develop these amazing skills and techniques? Intermediate boxers choose 301 Gym to perfect their techniques. Thai boxing or Muay Thai is a popular combat sport using stand-up striking with different clinching techniques. Boxers come to 301 Gym to learn the fundamentals skills of muay thai boxing in thailand.

    They know too well that they have to be in great shape but that they have to be technical too. Being exceptional with your technique and developing timing and distance can turn you into a lethal fighter, and this is where 301 Gym is so sought after.

    This 301 Gym is found about a 3 hour drive from Bangkok. It is situated in a wonderfully quiet area which offers lots of outdoor activities to enhance your boxing skills such as kayaking, golf, cave exploration, boat trips etc. The gym is far away from noise, pollution and distraction and has a selection of good, clean rooms to suit your budget as well as a fantastic array of facilities –

    • big swimming pool
    • accommodation facilities
    • entertainment facilities such as satellite TV and DVDs
    • kitchen facilities
    • laundry services
    • competition size Muay Thai Ring
    • MMA Training Cage
    • bag- and skipping area
    • weight lifting area
    • basketball court

    Those coming to 301 Gym appreciate the crisp, fresh air as compared to the humidity you get in Phuket or the pollution in Bangkok. The gym is in a small beach town and offers a carefree, relaxing experience.

    The gym was opened in 2010 by Yoann Gouaida who hails from France but who is like a local as he has been living in Thailand since he was a teenager. He is an active fighter and there are Thai trainers who have had their fair share of fights as well as many years of training.

    Everything you Need at a Reasonable Cost

    The 301 Muay Thai gym and camp has everything you need for training and for a reasonable amount. Excellent Muay Thai classes are available and when you read testimonials the gym and camp come as highly recommended for every fitness level.