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Why Is It Important to Keep a Good Posture and Here is How to Achieve It

    Keeping a good posture is crucial to your health. It ensures the proper positioning of your bones, the right muscle tension, the correct alignment of all your body parts.

    In other words, if you keep a good posture, you get the following health benefits:

    • You enable all the muscles to coordinate properly. Thus, your body is able to handle more tasks without being excessively tired. 
    • Your spinal joints are properly aligned. It reduces the risks of injuries.
    • Decreases the wear out of joints and muscles that take up excessive load when your posture isn’t correct.

    All these factors contribute to your general health condition. 

    Though nowadays, maintaining a good posture is not an easy task, especially if you work in an office. Many office workers don’t have a chance to stretch their back for hours leave alone keeping a proper posture constantly. As a result, such health problems appear:

    • Pain in the back;
    • Constant neck aches;
    • Migraines.

    An ergonomic height-adjustable desk is the most efficient solution. You can move to a standing position by lifting the desk and back in the sitting position by lowering it. 

    Tips to Follow to Keep a Good Posture

    However, even the best desk doesn’t solve a problem if you don’t make some effort. It might be difficult first but with time, you will get used to it and will do everything automatically.

    • When you are sitting make sure that there is no excessive load on some muscles or joints. You can achieve it by finding the most natural, relaxed position. 
    • Your shoulders shall not be rounded. For that, install your monitor at the level of your eyes. If you need to buy a monitor support, do it.
    • The elbows shall be bent at the angle of 90 degrees minimum. If the angle is less, your posture is not natural.
    • The knees shall be at the same height as your hips. Your thighs shall form an angle of at least 90 degrees with your body.
    • Never cross your legs. It causes problems with blood circulation and can be a reason for varicose in the future.
    • Your feet shall be placed on the ground. As an option, you can use a footrest. Advanced desks are also equipped with a special footrest bar. You can place your foot there while another is resting on the floor. Alternate the feet.
    • The space under the desk shall be sufficient for you to move legs. 

    A proper arrangement of your desk will also help you to keep a good posture. So, if all the source documentation is positioned at the same height as the monitor, you can view it conveniently. The desk shall be equipped with a keyboard tray. It shall be adjusted one inch higher than your elbows are. A good addition to your workplace is a height-adjustable ergonomic chair. With a small investment and some efforts, you can stay healthy even if you work in an office.