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Why Is Kratom Banned By Most Countries?

    The world is moving towards natural herbs and medicines nowadays. One of the herbs introduced is kratom, from the coffee family found mostly in South East Asia, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. It has a lot of benefits for human beings such as its antidepressant properties, ability to increase focus and concentration, pain reliever and anti-inflammatory properties.

    Moreover, you can even purchase it from a trustworthy source, such as Kratom Guys. Apart from all these benefits, kratom has many health risks as well such as irritation, diarrhea, addiction problems and sometimes even death. Due to some reasons, kratom is banned in most countries. These reasons are described as follows:

    1. Countries where Kratom is Banned

    Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Tennessee, Vermont, Wisconsin and the district of Columbia have banned kratom, along with at least three cities which are Denver, San Diego and Sarasota, Florida.

    1. Role of FDA

    FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has not approved any safe uses of Kratom. FDA is experimenting on different uses of Kratom and has currently warned the people to use it. FDA has examined the deaths of 50 people per day from overuse of Kratom. 

    The International Institute of Drug Abuse has recognized Kratom as the main cause of deaths in people, it has said that people are more addicted to Kratom and as a result of withdrawal symptoms, they experience death.

    1. Effect on Opioid Receptors

    It has been studied that anything that stimulates the opioid receptors present in the body and gives a sensation of pleasure, is considered very dangerous for human species. One such drug is Kratom which has been used in a large amount by people in many countries. Consuming Kratom gives an immediate sense of relaxation in human beings and changes the normal mechanism of the body which is responsible for pleasure.

    1. Risks Associated

    The most significant reason for banning Kratom is the risks associated with its increased consumption in different countries such as the US. Researchers have reported that those people who consumed Kratom on a regular basis have a higher death rate as compared to people who do not consume Kratom. 1800 cases were reported in the US in 3 years which also included deaths due to use of Kratom Moreover, it has other risk factors such as irritability, decreased focus, weight loss, dizziness, dry mouth, depression, damage to liver and muscle, nausea and vomiting conditions. 

    1. Addictive Properties

    People who consume large amounts of Kratom usually end up getting severe forms of addiction. Their withdrawal symptoms are worse. These symptoms last four to five days and include cravings, diarrhea, flu, mood swings and restlessness.

    1. Statistics

    • In September 2014, 25,000 pounds of Kratom was banned in the US which led to the loss of almost 5 million US dollars.
    • In January 2016, 90,000 bottles containing additives as Kratom were destroyed which caused the loss of 40,000 million US dollars.
    • In August 2016, seized 100 cases of products which reported Kratom in it which caused the loss of more than 150,000 million US dollars.

    These were the main reasons why Kratom is banned in most of the countries. At first, the use of Kratom was quite high but as soon as people started to experience its adverse effects, and the death rates increased, Kratom started to get banned in most of the countries including US, San Diego, Columbia and Indiana. These were the main reasons why Kratom is banned in most of the countries. At