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Why Is Laser Hair Removal NY So Effective

    If you’re always bothered about unwanted hair growth in various parts of your body, you may want to consider giving up traditional hair removal methods and give laser hair removal a try. Laser hair removal is the process that stops future hair growth in the treated areas. If you’re looking for a permanent solution to getting rid of unwanted hair, here’s why laser hair removal does wonders:



    • The procedure prevents the growth of hair for quite a considerable period of time.



    As the process of laser hair removal involves burning of the hair follicles, it’s guaranteed that future hair growth in the targeted areas is stopped or slowed down, giving you years of hair-free peace of mind. It would require you to undergo a few sessions over a span of a month or two. However, once all these sessions are completed, you’re set for at least three years of little to zero hair growth. This is different from conventional hair removal techniques wherein you have to repeat the process at least every two weeks. Laser hair removal at clinics in New York such as takes away this hassle for people, especially for those who lead very busy lives.



    • Laser hair removal is effective because of its use of light energy.



    The main concept behind laser hair removal is its utilization of light energy. As the light energy from the laser is absorbed by the melanin—the hair pigment which is darker than the surrounding skin—it is converted into heat energy. This heat energy burns the hair follicles. Because of this, laser hair removal is more effective for patients with darker hair, as more heat is absorbed by the darker pigment.


    This isn’t to say that lighter-colored hair will not be affected by laser treatment. Rather, people with light-colored hair may need more sessions to completely remove their unwanted hair.



    • The laser procedure doesn’t involve the traumatic hassles of manual hair removal.



    Laser hair removal procedures get the job done without the unwanted effects of conventional hair removal techniques. In the case of shaving, for example, this would need proper technique and preparation. If done incorrectly, ingrown hairs and red itchy bumps may occur. Sometimes, shaving may cause folliculitis. Moreover, since you only cut the exposed hairs, these would all reappear in a few days, which would necessitate another shaving session.


    Others may prefer waxing their body hair. However, this process is much more difficult to prepare for, and it’s usually painful or uncomfortable. Some users may also be allergic to the ingredients being used for waxing. If you opt for laser hair removal, you achieve your goals without pain or discomfort, and you avoid the risk of allergies.


    Another drawback of waxing is that you’d have to let the hair grow out for a week or two before you can remove them, as the adhesives would have something to attach to. Laser hair removal procedures target the hair follicles directly, not the grown hair. So, there’s no waiting time involved on your end.



    • Laser hair removal procedures are done in reputable clinics at the hands of experts.



    An essential reason as to why this procedure is effective is because it’s carried out by trained medical professionals. The equipment in well-known hair clinics are declared effective and safe for use. Part of the expertise of laser hair experts is knowing the right modulation and technique in removing unwanted hair. Laser hair removal professionals would likewise know how many sessions are needed to ensure that proper procedures are carried out and that there’s complete coverage of the area to be treated.



    • Strict hygiene protocols are followed for the procedure.



    Since no shaving, plucking, or waxing are involved in the process, there’s hardly any contact with a patient’s skin. This removes the risks of injury and the possibility of viruses being transferred from one patient to another. Reputable laser hair removal clinics also sterilize all their equipment regularly in order to ensure bacteria-free procedures for all clients. Laser hair removal works without causing hurt or infection.



    • The procedure saves the client’s time.



    For people who lead very busy lives, the hassles of having to shave or wax every two weeks may be unacceptable. This is why more and more people prefer laser treatment, as it would mean a lot less time being dedicated towards preparing for having unwanted hair removed. This may be most beneficial for people who frequently travel. You don’t have to shy away from an impromptu trip to the beach, as you’ll always be confident that you don’t have any unwanted hair.



    • Laser hair removal addresses the effects of certain health conditions that trigger heavy hair growth.



    Certain health conditions for women trigger the effect of heavy hair growth. Polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS causes unwanted hair growth, in addition to androgen excess. For women who have this condition, laser hair removal would be greatly effective in eradicating excess hair and lessening the worry of hair regrowth.




    Gone are the days when you had to put up with unwanted hair and had to resort to shaving or waxing to get rid of hair in certain areas of your body. You now have the option of going for laser hair removal and experiencing an effective yet pain-free procedure. Remember to go to well-known and trustworthy clinics for your laser procedures to ensure optimal results.