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Why Is Proper Hydration Important for Good Health?

    You’ve likely heard that hydration is important for good health, but have you ever learned why this is true?

    The human body is made up primarily of water, so it’s no surprise that daily consumption leads to better function. Depending on your gender and activity level, you’ll need to consume between 3-5 liters of water every day to meet your needs.

    Failing to do so will inevitably result in several health complications that you might not correlate to poor hydration. 

    For example, back pain is one issue that can arise from dehydration. The discs in your spine are 88% water, so lack of hydration negatively impacts their strength, flexibility, and capability. 

    There are several excellent reasons to commit to drinking plenty of water every day and you’ll surely appreciate the benefits. We’ll go over some of the most relevant advantages below to encourage you to drink more water!

    Improved Internal Function

    Arguably the greatest impact that water has is improved internal function.

    There are several ways that this works, including organ function, system function, joint lubrication, and body temperature regulation. 

    Two great ways to understand this include getting sick and having achy joints.

    When you’re dehydrated, it’s easier for your body to get sick. Your immune system is weakened because it doesn’t have the water it needs to fully protect you. 

    Similarly, failing to have enough water will leave your joints dry. Your joints need hydration to stay lubricated. If this isn’t happening, then you’ll feel joint pain and discomfort. 

    Either scenario illustrates how your internal functions deteriorate without sufficient water. You can’t necessarily see this happening, but you can certainly feel it.

    Sharpened Brain Activity

    Drinking adequate water will also improve your mind and brain.

    There are multiple different aspects to this. Water is necessary for energy levels, cognition, and mood.

    Failing to hydrate will lead to having less energy and fatigue. You’ll find yourself taking naps during the day, falling asleep sooner, and having difficulty staying awake at work.

    Water intake is also essential for your ability to learn and think. When you’re tired, you won’t be able to think clearly and this affects how well your brain functions.

    Dehydration also causes your mood to sour. You might feel cranky or irritable and experience quick mood shifts.

    When you get adequate water, it allows your brain to resume healthy functioning. This is necessary to operate and think at optimum capacity.

    Body Cleansing

    You’ll also experience an enhanced ability to cleanse your body.

    When your body absorbs unhealthy substances, it needs a way of expelling it from your body. This is the role of your kidney, which specifically removes waste from your blood. 

    Your kidney filters your blood and passes toxins through your urine. Simple reasoning here will tell you that drinking less water makes this process less effective.

    If you’ve ever heard of detox before, then it often includes an emphasis on drinking water. This is because a detox aims to remove harmful substances from your body and this is easier with adequate water intake.

    Nutrient Absorption 

    The last benefit of keeping hydrated is better nutrient absorption.

    Water itself is a nutrient, but it isn’t the only one that your body needs. You also require protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins, fiber, and vitamins.

    While water doesn’t innately have these other nutrients in them, it makes your ability to absorb them easier. This is because water helps your digestive system work.

    Furthermore, water simplifies the process of breaking down the food that you eat. This makes it easier to access the nutrients found within. 

    Additionally, this is why water is often recommended with every meal that you eat. Not only does it help you digest, but it allows you to pass it as stool later on. 

    Closing Thoughts

    If you’ve ever noticed that you feel thirsty, have yellow urine, or low energy, then it’s a good possibility that you aren’t drinking enough water. Your body needs water to assist with several functions and inadequate intake will affect this.

    These functions include the actions of your internal body, improved brain capacity, increased cleansing ability, and better nutrient absorption. While these are possible with low water intake, you can’t do or feel your best without being well-hydrated.

    You can get your water intake in many different ways and it doesn’t have to be boring. Try adding flavoring and eating fruit to mix things up. However you get your water isn’t as important, just so long as you commit to drinking 3-4 liters per day!