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Why Is The Placenta Important During Pregnancy?

    All organs of the body are important in maintaining pregnancy. We all know that a mother carries a child inside her womb. For the pregnancy to be maintained in the womb, there have to be conditions that are favoring it. The body of the mother responds by producing some hormones that are responsible for maintaining the pregnancy. When a woman is about to receive her periods, her body is prepared for the baby. For example, her breasts become full which indicates the presence of blood which will form milk ducts. If fertilization does not take place, these signs disappear by the end of a woman’s periods. When fertilization takes place, milk ducts form. Something else forms in the womb. The placenta is formed. Here are reasons that answer the question why is the placenta important during pregnancy ?

    It is where the baby gets nutrients from. The umbilical cord of the baby is attached to the placenta. For human begins to survive, they need to eat. That is the same case with the growing fetus. The placenta acts as a feeding tube for the baby. This is where the nutrients from the mother reach the baby. Since the baby has no teeth, the nutrients that it requires for growth are got from the mother. This does not mean that the placenta is selective. If the mother is alcoholic, alcohol that is dissolved in the blood will reach the baby.

    It is where the waste form the baby passes through. The growing baby is human so it must excrete. Excretions for the baby that are usually in liquid form are transported to the body of the mother. That is why the mother urinates very much when she is pregnant. That is why when the placenta is low, there are some mothers who get worried. When you look at pictures that show the placenta, you will realize that it is surrounded by the amniotic fluid which is the shock absorber.

    When you have problems with your placenta, it needs to be corrected immediately because the baby cannot survive without that placenta. Over the years, there have nerve been cases that can lead to the infection of the placenta. The only case is the intake of alcohol and other drugs which make the placenta to be low. It is important that when you go for your check ups you ask your doctor why the placenta is important during pregnancy. He/she has substantial answers.


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