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Why Opt for Online Counseling Over Traditional Counseling

    City life may seem exciting and fun. But what many fail to understand is that it is equally stressful to live in a city and survive. A person living in a city has to work, maintain the family, pay the rent and bills, maintain the status in the society and friends circle, etc. 

    One can imagine how difficult it can be to achieve all of this every day, and that is why it is sometimes helpful to talk to someone. That someone may be a close friend or family member who you trust but, if there is no one you feel comfortable talking to, you always have the option of talking to a counselor.   

    In this modern world, a lot of work gets done using technology such as over a phone call, email, or internet video calls, even mental health counseling has joined the bandwagon. Nowadays, online counseling is becoming an increasingly popular option. 

    Online therapy sessions are conducted over the internet through emails, text messages, online chats, or live video conferences. The circumstances where online treatment is most useful is for follow up calls for suicide cases and kids’ helplines. 

    The advantage of online counseling services in India is that anyone who needs therapy can get it without compromising their comfort zone or regular schedules. It also allows them to escape the judgemental looks of the people in the society for going to psychological counseling.  

    Why choose online counseling services over traditional psychological therapy?

    1. You get to choose from a wide variety of therapists from the comfort of your own house, even from international therapists who are licensed to practice as counselors.  
    2. Sometimes, it might be challenging to find a specialized therapist in a particular area of psychology, which could help with your problems such as a marriage counselor, or career counselor, etc., in your locality. In such cases, online therapy can help you get access to a counselor to suit your needs.  
    3. You do not have to compromise on your schedule as you can attend therapy wherever you are and whenever you want as online counseling is very flexible.
    4. Some clients develop romantic feelings towards their therapists, which can be avoided by choosing online counseling. It helps online counselors maintain professionalism and integrity, which is very important.
    5. Regularity is the key to reaping the benefits of therapy. Professionals or office goers whose job requires them to be on the travel all the time get the opportunity to attend counseling on the go, and not miss out on their sessions.
    6. Online counseling services in India can also help keep the social stigma of seeking help in the form of psychological counseling at bay. Online therapy also helps the patients open up more as there is more anonymity through online therapy.


    What do you need for online therapy? 

    1. Firstly, a quiet room without any distractions where confidentiality can be maintained is required. 
    2. A good internet connection is required for an uninterrupted therapy session and proper communication. Sometimes, due to signal issues or other interruptions, the internet connection may fail to work. For such situations, there should be a pre-planned backup therapy option. 
    3. A right mic is required for clear communication during therapy over a video call. You also need a place with good lighting so the therapist can read your micro-expressions. 

    Who can opt for online counseling?

    Individuals going through mental health issues caused by peer pressure, home issues, or any other external factors who do not have the means to physically visit a counselor can choose online therapy. People who are injured during the war and confined to wheelchairs or bedridden are most benefited through online counseling. 

    India has seen a surge in the rise of COVID cases during the pandemic, a lot of people are confined to their homes, and this can be mentally very distressing. There are many private and reputable places where you can do online counseling in India if you feel like you’re going through a tough time.

    The online therapy services offered in Bangalore include:

    • Family and personal counseling
    • Stress management
    • Skill development and coaching
    • Psychoeducation
    • Developing coping mechanisms to traumatic events
    • Marital counseling
    • Child and adolescent counseling
    • Counseling for parents dealing with difficult kids

    Mental Health counseling is essential and not something to be avoided. Seeking the right kind of professional help to develop yourself and your skills is not a bad thing. 

    In places like India, the term psychological counseling or therapy has been looked down upon. Online counseling can prove to be highly effective and beneficial to those who are in utter need of it. Get help from some of the best counselors in Bangalore right from the comfort of your home.