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Why Should You Use a Kneeling Chair?

    When you use traditional chairs, you normally fidget, fret, and turn due to nothing else to do while seated. However, while seated on a traditional chair, there are no ergonomic effects that aid your body posture. As such, there is a possibility that you are doing a lot of harm to your body.

    Modern chairs have various ergonomic effects that ensure that your back, lower back, neck and legs are well postured for example we have a special office chair for neck pain. However, they also increase your laxity which means you are sedentary in posture. With the advent of exercise ball chairs, there have been other chairs crafted to improve posture while seated and at work. The solution: getting the best kneeling chair.

    This article will cover some of the health benefits of using the kneeling chair to prevent back and neck pain and improve your circulation while seated and make you more productive while at work.

    Where was the kneeling chair designed?

    The first kneeling chair was created by Norwegians and was initially made of wood. However, the design has changed over time and today; it consists of a metal frame. However, you can get the best kneeling chair original design made of wood by making it custom made.

    In addition, today’s kneeling chair is custom made to include armrests and improve comfort to its users.

    How your body posture is improved when using a kneeling chair?

    1. Your pelvis is tilted and this ensures correct alignment of your spine. In addition, opening up your pelvis also helps improve breathing due to correct posture. There is less compression of your internal organs when the pelvis is in open position and this helps improve digestion.
    2. You gradually strengthen your back and core muscles. This happens as you are engaging your abdomen and back muscles as you do not have any backrest when using the kneeling chair.
    3. As opposed to the 90-degree trunk/thigh angle that is provided by the traditional chair, there is a 10-degree trunk/thigh angle provided by the kneeling chair. This angle provides for reduced pressure to the disc found in your spine as you sit.
    4. When using a kneeling chair, your hips slide forward. This is important as your weight gets evenly distributed and your neck, shoulders, and back are aligned. Therefore, there is less stress on your lower back and prevents spinal compression.
    5. You have the options to adjust the height of the seat. This means that you adjust the slope; by so doing, you can control the pressure on your shins.
    6. Pain can be a great distraction as you work, you are not able to focus. When you use a kneeling chair you work with your spinal column upright. Therefore, you have better circulation and this helps carry nutrients to your brains helping you focus while you work as your core muscles get engaged.
    7. You can use kneeling chairs and traditional office chairs alternately. By alternating the two all day, you get to reduce the ailments you may get when using traditional chairs all day long.

    Based on the above benefits, it is clear that using kneeling chairs is beneficial to your health. If you have been suffering from back pain as a result of using traditional chairs, you can heal this back pain by using a kneeling chair.

    The design of the kneeling chair reduces the pressure from your back and placing the pressure on your shin engaging core muscles on your torso. As such, it can be a great respite to those suffering from back pain.

    When you want to get improve your core muscles while working and improves your posture; you need to get the kneeling chair for these improvements. If you are an employer, this type of chair will improve the productivity of your employees as they get more focus while working with their muscles engaged.

    In addition, this will save any employer from having to give their employees leave of absence due to ailments brought about by use of traditional office chairs.

    Therefore, get the best kneeling chair today to improve your productivity at work and prevent sitting posture related ailments.