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Why Skin Care Is Important In Life

    We carry out beauty rituals for the face every day, but the body is often left unattended. We will tell you why caring for him is also important and what should be included in your daily routine.

    Everyone knows that you need to take care of your face. But for some reason we remember about body care when problems arise: dryness, tightness, peeling, irritation, flabbiness, cellulite, and stretch marks, in the end. You can scruntinize best selling products on iherb for better care of your skin and body. 

    Our Skin Is Our Life

    In general, dividing the skin into sections – face and body – is not very correct: it is a single organ. And, by the way, the largest: its area is about 20 thousand square centimeters and it accounts for about 16% of the total weight.

    The skin serves as a real “wall” between the external and, as they say, the internal world. It performs a lot of vital functions: it regulates the thermal regime, conserves energy, protects against mechanical stress, bacteria, dehydration, toxins, and other harmful factors. It also serves as a “sensor” that is responsible for temperature, tactile and pain sensitivity. In a word, the skin has definitely deserved a careful attitude towards itself.

    Another good reason is aesthetic perception. The skin is a screen on which the internal state of the body is broadcast, smooth, elastic skin is subconsciously associated with health, and therefore with beauty.

    The skin is a rather fragile organ. Its quality is certainly reflected by a change in climate and water, a lack or excess of moisture, stress. Genetic characteristics, hormones, and the natural aging process also affect. But good skincare can compensate for a lot.

    How Skin Type Influences The Choice Of Body Care

    Treatment, both cosmetology, and home, depends on the type of skin, which may differ from the face and body. For example, the skin of the body cannot be oily, since the sebaceous glands are less active on it.

    • Normal Skin

    This is when, after leaving the shower, the skin does not “tighten”, elbows, knees, and feet do not seem too dry, you do not blush much (or do not blush at all) after being in the open sun, and cosmetics do not cause irritation. The skin just needs regular nutrition and hydration. Therefore, it is enough to find light cream, balm, or non-greasy oil – it all depends on which texture you prefer.

    • Dry And Thin Skin

    This is characterized by a feeling of tightness, small cracks, minor irritations, roughness in rough areas (elbows, knees). Dry thin skin needs intensive moisturizing with a prolonged effect. This means that it is best to use cream with rich texture, nourishing oils, and cleansers in the form of a cream or milk that do not dry out the skin. 

    The main thing is that they do not leave a sticky film and do not clog the pores. The pores located above the sebaceous glands secrete a natural oil – sebum. It helps to collect and retain dead cells, which are removed through cleansing and exfoliation.

    • Dehydrated Skin

    Rather, it is an acquired property: even healthy elastic skin can deteriorate sharply due to frequent visits to the tanning salon, excessive exposure to the sun, unhealthy diet, lack of physical activity, and, in general, not a very healthy lifestyle. The whole body will immediately respond with the appearance of cellulite, dryness, and dullness. 

    Everything is fixable, but in this case, you need to take comprehensive measures: contact a beautician (he will most likely recommend a number of restorative procedures), use cosmetics with an anti-cellulite effect along with massage accessories, and, finally, normalize nutrition and sleep patterns.