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Why Skylark Counselling Is The Best Vancouver Counselling Clinic

    There are multiple options in Vancouver when it comes to counseling clinics, but for someone who wants to experiment with counseling for the first time and benefit from psychotherapy, you want to make sure that you are picking the right one.


    To make sure you are going in the right direction, you at least one to pick a clinic that has its history and can answer all your questions and doubts before actually hiring them. That is when Skylark Counselling Clinic enters the play. 


     As a clinic located in Vancouver, they excel at providing the best benefits of psychotherapy without actually having this air of being too formal, since the person was handpicked to be passionate about their jobs, approaching you with the human-side of counseling.


    This article is meant to answer some questions newcomers might have about counseling, and why they should consider it trying it out. 


    Thriving for Change


    What a psychotherapist looks for, and the core of psychotherapy itself is to achieve change for the better. It is about finding behavioral patterns in your attitude, current of thought,t and personality that might be actually causing you pain or sabotaging your objectives and goals in different ways. 


    When it comes to psychotherapy, it’s about making these changes by yourself instead of relying on medicaments and chemicals. It’s about taking the time to talk with your counselor to dig up things about the past that directly or indirectly are causing you distress, and find solutions that work for your specific circumstances, considering that not all methods work 100% of the time in different people.


    Of course, there are many different types of therapy you can enjoy, but this one is very recommended for people who want to change toxic behavior that is affecting them either emotionally or professionally. 

    Creating Self Perspective


    One of the most important parts of the process of psychotherapy includes creating a self-monologue where you are able to describe yourself and your past experiences, taking into consideration those events that somewhat have managed to leave a mark in yourself. 


    With that said, it is very common that people don’t even know the things that have once made a change in their psyche, and it is the job of the counselor to create an experience and provide the tools and knowledge to find these events through monologues, questions, and conversations.


    A Punch to the Ego


    Some people might not like this re-discovering process just because, at times, it becomes hard to be 100% truthful about the experience you have lived, either because of pride or embarrassment. 


    It is very important to be willing to follow the advice of the counselor to reach fruitful beneficial results since they know what’s best for you. They often indirectly help you to find answers and reach conclusions, but at times, they will have to push you in the right direction, and these pushes might seem like a puncto the ego, and how you perceive yourself. 


    That is why having the will to change, and of course, the desire to, should be two absolutely necessary things for someone who wants to try psychotherapy. Being narrow-minded and skeptical about the process might reduce its efficiency and even directly translate into more time spent, whereas being honest with yourself and the counselor, and being willing to try their advice, will make things much easier for both sides.

    Improving at Handling Emotions


    Another important part of the process, as mentioned in this article, is to be able to manage emotions better. For some people, handling emotions like anger, sadness, fear, shame, and indignation is really hard and it is something that can affect them on a daily basis.


    Finding the right to handle the energy that comes from these emotions, which are the ones that normally affect people in a negative way, is also an important goal of psychotherapy. There might be people who have problems at handling positive emotions as well, so they might also want to try this therapy to improve themselves.


    Recognizing Not Only Your Faults But Your Talents


    It’s not only about dealing with what’s bad about you but also what’s good as well. A lot of people have a problem recognizing their accomplishments as something good and might believe that whatever they have achieved in life is because of luck, and not because of the effort they have put through every day.


    It is also very common that people with low self-esteem try therapy, to understand how to love themselves and become better persons,  that is stronger and more resilient to try out new things even at the risk of failure.