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Why the Social Butterfly Needs to Detox

    What does it mean when we say ‘social butterfly’? An individual who is able to easily mix with people, relate to them, understand, talk, and love them. We all love such individuals who are all understanding and caring about others. Eventually, such a person steals the limelight or attention during social gathering and other public events.  

    In our fast moving world, social gatherings have become a part of our day-to-day lives, and they do play a significant role helping us to meet new people, make new friends, and network. It is not hard to realize the common most routine among such gatherings is drinking. Perhaps, socialising and drinking have become synonymous these days.

    Drinking can be good, and indeed helpful if one stays in limit by not drinking excessively or mixing it with drugs. When people see ‘alcohol’ just as an element of the party but not the party itself, they are more socialising and harmonious. In fact, socialising helps people stay away from addictions and lead balanced lives. Socialising at all three levels, family, friends, and workplace have shown to be negatively correlated with addictions.

    Are introverts social butterflies?

    Some of us are introverts, and it is beautiful to be an introvert. Imagine what the world would be if it had no introverts like Albert Einstein, Michael Jackson or Mark Zuckerberg and they can also be a social butterfly. Ever seen that tight lipped Thomas in a party, who hardly speaks a word and yet all the birds of the party flock around him. Perks of being a wallflower? Being a Social butterfly is all about having a clean heart and caring about others and loving them.

    However, people confuse introversion as a mark of weakness. A person’s value is not judged by the number of friends he/she has or the number of parties they attends. People especially look at Hollywood celebs, media personalities and seem to be attracted to the apparent truth that ‘’nightlife or socialising is the gateway to happiness”. Many deceive themselves to a pretext that it must be cool and perfectly alright to drink obsessively since everyone else seems to do so.

    Are you social enough only with alcohol?

    The point of a social gathering is not about drinking, but to socialize and understand others. Sadly, many lose the purpose and give in to alcohol or drugs and get addicted. Many introverts succumb to the habit of drinking because alcohol allows them to calm down and socialize, but do not give a ear to consequences when a person crosses the limits of healthy drinking.

    Once you are an addict due to social parties or drinking alone, how do you know it? I often ask my friends of their addiction to drinking, and the standard reply is ‘no.’ Well, to know if you have already entered the dark zone of addiction, look at your life. How do you feel when you wake up? Is your motivation adequate enough to get you on with daily work and activities? How your mood is all the day long and do you mind urge you to take alcohol? Do you have healthy relationships with people or they are just your enablers to drink?

    Getting detoxed

    If you discover yourself to be an addict of alcohol or you feel in many ways alcohol is having negative effect on you, it is time; you quit the poison. It is in itself a herculean task to know you are an addict and another to commit quitting. However, one should know it is never easy to quit from the point of commitment to actual realisation.

    You need support and need to smart to plans your days while getting detox from alcohol. A detox center is the perfect and most promising way for any addict, which gives them the extra energy and environment. Aid in recovery helps people find addiction treatment centres suited to their personal needs. Counselling definitely helps you to get a grip with the mind, which knows nothing but the beautiful taste of alcohol and that delusional high. Withdrawal symptoms can also be minimised using alternative medicines such as benzodiazepine, but need to cautiously taken, in order to prevent any cross addiction.

    Talk to people who care about you, develop healthy relations, train your body and mind through exercise, swimming, and meditation. Know that it is a beauty of life to be able to meet people, care for them, laugh a little, cry a little. Do not be ignorant enough to believe that a little bottle of whisky is all you need to be happy. Mind is happy and joyful in its natural state, but people miss the natural beauty and try chasing artificial glory in the name of addiction.

    We, humans, are basically social animals, but does drinking and addiction make us more social or animals?