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Why Use Breast Augmentation Experts

    Breast augmentation also known as mammoplasty augmentation is a cosmetic surgical procedure that focuses on improving breast projection by using implants. This procedure can also be done by utilizing the transfer of autologous fat from other body parts to the breasts. As a result of this process, you can achieve a more natural-looking. Here is why you should consider using breast augmentation experts.

    Who should do breast augmentation 

    Various studies have confirmed that people who do breast augmentation are satisfied with the outcomes. Therefore, if you are not pleased with the firmness and size of your breasts, your best option is to go for breast augmentation. Below are women who should consider doing breast augmentation: 

    • Women who lack enough self-confidence. This means you can go for breast augmentation to improve your overall appearance. This can increase your self-confidence levels. 
    • Women who think they have smaller breasts. These are the people who believe their breasts are smaller relative to their body size. 
    • People who want to restore the size and shape of their breasts. It’s quite common for the size and shape of breasts to change after weight loss, pregnancy, and aging, so some women want to restore.
    • The wish to have symmetry. Breasts can be asymmetrical, causing women to go for breast augmentation to achieve symmetrical breasts. 

    It’s important to note that breast augmentation also has some limitations. It’s sometimes difficult to improve breast drooping or sagging without doing a breast lift. It might also not be suitable for women with overweight or obese problems, women expecting to get pregnant, or breastfeeding women.

    How does breast augmentation work? 

    There is a need to consult a breast augmentation plastic surgeon before deciding on doing breast augmentation. This is the only way you can discuss your reasons for wishing to go through this procedure. The surgeon will also give you available options related to the size and shape of breast implants to be used. The reason for doing this is for you to feel comfortable with your decision. 

    This consultation will make sure that precise measurements are taken. The best part is that you have an opportunity to hear about the procedure, such as the benefits, risks, and possible complications. 

    Type of implants

    Before the breast augmentation procedure, your plastic surgeon will provide you with the types of implants to use. Some of the options available are the following: 

    Filled breast implant

    The most popular breast implants are silicone and saline. Saline implants refer to silicone shells that have sterile salty water. Some women don’t prefer it because they say it lacks natural feeling as silicone. On the other hand, silicone implants relate to silicone shells filled with silicone gel. This one is preferred by most women as it has a natural firmness.  

    Cohesive gel silicone implants

    These implants have an improved thickness, low rupture rate, and provide natural firmness. They are known for maintaining their shape even when divided in half. 

    Autologous fat

    Some women don’t feel comfortable incorporating foreign materials into their bodies and they only look for a small breast increase. This is where autologous comes into play, where the surgeon will do liposuction procedure to get fat usually from your thighs or buttocks. The harvested fat is processed and transferred to your breasts.