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Why Women Are More Prone Than Men For Anxiety Disorders

    why women are more prone to anxiety than men

    why women are more prone to anxiety than men

    In a world like today which is ever-changing, anxiety is becoming a common mental illness in women. Research has proved that women are twice more prone to anxiety disorders than men. In simple words, it is the feelings of uneasiness worry and fear.

    Anxiety can vary in different degrees in different individuals. They form a group of mental disorders and the distress caused can seriously hamper one’s ability to carry out day to day functions in our daily lives. Some women have seen to be growing and living with it-even since childhood.

    Medical science has been unable to find the exact reason for this mental condition but with treatment, it has been found, many women can manage those feelings and get back to fulfilling life.

    Like other mental illnesses, they seem to have been sprung up so many reasons. The environmental stresses, changes in the brain and even the genes have been attributed to the contributing factors for anxiety in women.

    Some Symptoms for anxiety disorders in women

    • Feeling of being powerless and fearful
    • Feeling nervousness
    • Trembling
    • Trouble sleeping
    • Headaches
    • Dry Mouth
    • Heart Palpitations
    • Irritability
    • Excessively worrying
    • Sadness

    Why women are more prone than men

    why women are more prone to anxiety than men

    Serotonin has been known and discovered as a neurotransmitter i.e. which transfers signals in a human brain. Deficiency of Serotonin has been found as a major reason for anxiety disorders in women. On the other hand if a man is Serotonin deficient he has been found to be getting more impulsive with no mood swings.

    Serotonin is synthesized by the brain and about 90% of the serotonin supply is found in the digestive tract and the blood platelets. Thus serotonin deficiency affects multiple systems like nervous, cardio and digestive.

    Foods like eggs, cheese, Pineapples, Tofu, Salmon, Nuts and Seeds and Turkey have been found to increase serotonin levels in women

    Types of Anxiety disorders in women

    why women are more prone to anxiety than men

    • Panic Disorder:  During a panic attack the person may feel chest pain, may sweat, feel palpitations or even make you feel that you are choking or getting a heart attack.
    • Social anxiety Disorder: Many women may react to different day to day social situations in varying degrees. Many might feel being judged by their clothing or even their hair style and have the fear of being ridiculed. Some may even feel embarrassed under different situations of this so called social phobia.
    • Specific Anxiety: Many women may feel anxiety when subjected to some specific situations. Examples can like when being in an airplane or when subjected to very high altitudes. This would in turn encourage the person from avoiding the ordinary situations.
    • General Anxiety Disorder:  Some women have been seen to be in excessive tension worry without any particular reason.


    Affects for Anxiety Disorder

    Anxiety disorder can directly affect our daily life and health with a much negative impact. If you feel anxiety definitely, you may also suffer depression. Anxiety is the main causes for depression. Depression drains your energy, enthusiasm and ability to move on and take on the challenges life throws at you.

    Anxiety is usually associated with many physical symptoms like irritability, tensing of muscles, difficulty in relaxing, restless, or un-refreshing sleep, restlessness, difficult concentration or blanking of the mind at times and being on edge.

    It can also affect your immune system and reduce your body’s response to foreign invaders. It is also the cause for heart disease, and diabetes.


    why women are more prone to anxiety than men

    • Medication: Several Antidepressants have seen to be working for anxiety disorders. Besides anticonvulsants with a low dose of antipsychotic drugs can work to make the treatments better in anxiety disorders. These drugs have been subscribed by doctors for general or social anxiety disorders or even for panic attacks.
    • Psychotherapy: This is a type of counseling which alters your response to certain types of mental illness. A good mental health specialist will help you to identify and deal you’re your anxiety causing situations in a better and effective manner. Understanding behavioral changes resulting from thought patterns resulting from deep anxiety and panic attacks is the key to Psychotherapeutical treatment.
    • Managing Symptoms: Cutting down on caffeine rich drinks such as coffee, cola and energy drinks. Caffeine has been known as a mood altering drug. Some rigorous exercises like jogging, swimming and biking have been known to release certain chemicals in our brain which reduce stress and improve mood. Following a strict food and sleep regime will help to get over your anxiety disorder as getting a good rest is vital.
    • Having the right approach: Having a positive attitude towards life and taking things in a stride will definitely pep up your mood swings and take you out from the anxiety causing situations. Always consult your doctor or pharmacist before going for any medications as they may have certain side effects or make your anxiety disorder worse.

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