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Why You Need Annual Physical Examinations

    You are probably feeling okay right now and thinking that an annual physical examination will not do you much good. However, some diseases are very silent in their manifestation, and you will only notice their symptoms when they have advanced up to difficult-to-cure stages. Yearly examinations help you discover these silent infections in time for prompt checkup and treatment. Boynton Beach annual physical offers you a chance to detect and treat diseases early to increase your survival chances.

    What does an annual physical examination mean?

    Annual physical examinations are yearly medical checks on your body for any silent infections or diseases that might become deadlier if not treated in good time. Nguyen Medical Group offers these types of examinations annually with a group of doctors that detect and give prompt recommendations so that your body can function optimally. When you get an annual health examination, Doctor Thomas Nguyen and his team will offer diagnostic and treatment services to help you avoid further complications. Ordinarily, discovering diseases, such as cancer early on, can increase your chances of survival. Additionally, lifestyle diseases can put you at risk of complications if not diagnosed and controlled early enough. Lastly, frequent visits to the doctor will create a long-lasting relationship that will help future diagnostic and treatment procedures.

    What options are available for annual physical examinations

    Nguyen Medical Group offers many options for you during physical examinations. The services in the facility also cover you when you have a standardized insurance cover. The standard cover allows most physical examinations available. However, for an extensive annual physical examination, you will require an upgrade from the facility.

    Extensive covers include processes such as screening tests and onsite lab works. However, when you walk into Nguyen medical Group, the staff will give you all the information you need to make a better decision about your health and the types of physical examinations.

    What to expect during the annual physical examination

    For an annual test, you will have to walk into Nguyen Medical Group, your doctor will receive you in a separate room to take all the necessary measurements. The examinations include simple tests and complex measurements to explore any medical issues hidden in your body. All annual physical tests at the Nguyen Medical Group begin with a question and answer session to determine the most probable tests for you. You are free to discuss anything with the doctor, and for better diagnosis, give your doctor any new symptoms or worsening conditions you may have noticed at any part of your body. Additionally, annual physical tests work better when done yearly and not a one-time thing.

    Conditions the doctor will focus on during annual physicals

    After an extensive discussion about your general health and new symptoms, your doctor will carry out various tests, including:

    •       Reflex testing
    •       Heart rate
    •       Blood pressure monitoring
    •       Checking your internal organs with special tools
    •       Eye and nose examinations
    •       Mouth and throat examinations
    •       Blood cholesterol and glucose tests

    Annual Physical tests enable you to identify illnesses fast enough to help introduce medical interventions in good time. Visit Nguyen Medical Group to have some peace of mind about your health.