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Why You Should Become An IIN Health Coach

    The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN from here on) is the world’s largest health coaching program that runs enormous seminars and open houses looking to attract customers and potential new coaches. If you are the kind of person who loves a healthy lifestyle and passing your tips and knowledge on to others then you should look into becoming an IIN health coach. Here are the biggest benefits of becoming an IIN health coach.


    Lead Yourself And Others

    The best thing about a lot of self-made jobs is having full control over your time and life goals. With a position as an IIN health coach you can set up your own schedule to be as active as you like so your coaching won’t get in the way of another job or your family time. Being a health coach also means you’ll be reflecting more focus back on your dietary activity and stop you from falling into any bad habits. Becoming a certified health coach can even pay the bills while you pursue your passion, whether that be health-related or not, although you have a leg up already if your goal is to work in the wellbeing business.


    Everything Included In Your IIN Cost

    If you are looking to become a coach the INN cost covers a huge amount of learning over a six-month course. You will graduate with the knowledge of a huge range of over 100 individual diet theories to suit every client you get. IIN base their coaching in individuality, so not only will you know about more diets and programs than other popular approaches to health, you’ll be expertly equipped to plan out personalized plans for individuals. You will also be trained in holistic health which covers a broader range of issues like sleep schedules and time management. These skills can be taken anywhere you want to go into this field.


    IIN Give You Career Potential

    While IIN’s cost is going to run you up nearly seven thousand dollars you should consider the investment in your future. Graduates of the program have reviewed the course as a great stepping stone towards being able to quote future clients up to $100 an hour for their time and service due to the knowledge they gained on the health course. The skills mentioned above are desirable and transferrable; so even if you don’t charge top dollar for the coaching services you can use your expertise in other careers. A health coach certificate opens doors in holistic health writing, assisting physicians or even becoming your own registered dietitian.


    To conclude, the benefits of enrolling in an IIN health coaching course are as healthy to your pocket as they are to your body! Not only can you make a good living and benefit physically from the health sector but you can also improve your mental and emotional wellbeing. There is no better feeling than helping another person to get healthy and happy – and with you looking after yourself at the same time the upsides are too good to turn down!