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Why You Should Consider Silver Diamine Fluoride for Your Kid

    Whether you are a kid or an adult, drilling to treat tooth cavities is never comfortable. Even with doctors’ modern invasive instruments, patients still find themselves developing anxiety when the doctor suggests most procedures. Luckily, your kid does not have to endure drilling and filling. Consult a Corona silver diamine fluoride specialist today at Dental Kidz Club to know about this alternative solution that is much more comfortable. Tooth decay could cause severe complications if left untreated. Here is what you want to know before considering the antibiotic liquid as a treatment choice for your kid.

    How does silver diamine fluoride work?

    Silver diamine fluoride is essentially a liquid medication applied either by special floss or a small brush to manage tooth cavities. It is composed of 38% silver fluoride salt, which is added to some ammonia to make it soluble. It has already been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The treatment uses silver’s antibacterial properties to stop or slow down cavities. On the other hand, fluoride increases the enamel remineralization to make it more resistant to degradation. Therefore, it stops the current decay and prevents any future decay.

    What are the risks of using silver diamine fluoride?

    Most doctors and patients prefer silver diamine fluoride because of its minimal risks. The numerous benefits outweigh the risks. One of the main risks of using this form of treatment is the blackening of teeth. It temporarily stains the lips or gums and leaves a stain on the cavity area. Luckily, your healthy enamel is safe from staining. Doctors now apply it carefully to lower the chances of gum and tissue staining. You could also experience mild irritation if it touches the oral tissues. Again, the symptoms are temporary.

    Silver diamine fluoride application

    One of the main benefits of silver diamine fluoride is that it takes minutes to complete its application. The process is also painless. First, the dentist needs to clean the area of the application. They remove debris that may include food particles, plaque, or even some portion of the cavity. This ensures that the solution touches the affected area as required. Second, they isolate the affected region for application. As discussed, the mouth tissues such as skin and lips could stain if they come into contact with a silver diamine fluoride solution. Therefore, doctors carefully apply the protective coating and isolate the region to be treated with cotton rolls.

    Lastly, the dentists use a micro brush with dry gauze or compressed air to apply silver diamine fluoride. Doctors use very small amounts of the solution to treat so many teeth. The application is not complicated. It has to be performed very fast because it is challenging for young patients to remain still for long. The final step involves sealing the SDF with fluoride varnish to give it time to work.

    Silver diamine fluoride is an ideal treatment for your child because it is quick, painless, and effective. It could also be a suitable option for you if you have dental anxiety involving drilling and filling. Book an appointment online with Dental Kidz Club to learn more about this alternative and to receive treatment.