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Why You Should Have a Humidifier in Your Baby’s Nursery?

    Humidifiers are necessary for any baby room. It is among the top gadgets beneficial for a baby to ensure they remain disease-free and stay healthy even in the harshest of weather, be summer heat or winter cold. Besides, it also keeps the baby room clean and germ-free.

    You can always opt for any type of humidifier for your baby room, cool or warm mist humidifier. They are both safe for use, depending on where you live and your surrounding climate.

    However, if it is not basic knowledge to you, then you should continue reading this review to see why you need any of the two types of humidifiers in your baby’s room.

    Here are some top reasons why every parent should invest in a quality humidifier for their baby’s nursery:


    • It Improves Your Baby’s Skin Condition


    Dry weather can really affect the skin of your baby, leaving it parched, dry and sore. This can be irritating and itchy for them. Besides, dry air also increases the effects of skin conditions like eczema.

    Therefore, with a humidifier, you can guarantee that the mist produced will moisturize the surrounding air and help your baby retain some moisture in their skin cells. The moisture can also soften your baby’s skin, preventing, and reducing eczema.

    In relation, it also keeps your baby warm and cozy, no matter the cold weather.  


    • Prevents Different Kinds of Infections and Sickness


    Some climatic conditions can make the whole house and its surrounding air to become very dry, for example, winter. As a result, babies are likely to suffer from dry and sore throats as well as stuffed noses. Given that most babies will still be developing, their systems are likely to be susceptible to different kinds of sickness as well as infections.

    However, a top-quality humidifier can easily moisturize the air, making it easy to breathe. This also helps with better sleep and reduces snoring. Likewise, it prevents bloody or running nose, as it encourages the smooth movement of the tiny hairs in your baby’s nose, for a comfortable and healthy life.


    • Produces Gentle White Noise


    Any top quality humidifier with user-friendly noise decibels can provide a soothing white noise for the baby to fall and stay asleep. The noise is usually a kind of hum, very comforting and similar to the whooshing sounds that your baby was used to hearing in your womb.

    Besides, it muffles other household sounds like that produced by a television set and even talking people. Likewise, some models have the silent option or low-speed level that can further reduce this comforting sound.

    You should note that the higher the speed of operation the faster and louder the noise from the fans is. Therefore, it is up to you to determine what speed level /noise level is ideal for your baby.


    • Soothes Flu and Cold Symptoms


    In case your baby already has a cold, then a humidifier is the only gadget that can help in soothing the symptoms related to the disease, like irritation in the throat, bronchial tube and even in the nasal passage.

    Your baby can easily sleep for longer hours, as long as the humidifier is moisturizing the surrounding environs 24/7. This prevents them from tossing and turning, as they look for quality air to breathe.

    In relation, you can also count on a quality humidifier to take care of the harmful organisms and germs that are known to give colds and flu.


    • Limits Asthma


    Babies are very susceptible to allergies, especially in winter and the right kind of humidifier can help in reducing the allergens as well as ease breathing for those who have asthma.

    Moreover, you should also do your part and clean the unit regularly to minimize the growth and elimination of allergens into the air, as they can trigger or worsen the allergy symptoms.


    • Preserves Your Baby’s Voice


    A baby has very sensitive vocal cords that need to be well lubricated at all times for it to produce a better and smooth sound.

    Therefore, you can rely on the cool or warm mist from the humidifiers to preserve your baby’s voice, by moisturizing the air thus preventing any form of dehydration and viruses known to affect the vocal cords.


    • Cleanses the Surrounding Air


    Humidifiers can help in the elimination of different kinds of air pollutants in your house, from smoke particles, pollen, pet dander and dust that might be harmful to your growing baby.

    Babies are very prone to allergies, so do not think just because they are indoors they are safe. Indoor air tends to be 5 times more dangerous and harmful than outdoor air pollutants.


    Conclusively, a humidifier can help keep your baby healthy 24/7. Besides, it can also reduce the heating costs used to keep your baby’s nursery warm.