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Why You Should Play and Workout on an Artificial Turf Sports Field

    Sports are an integral part of life. It’s all about having fun. 

    When it comes to playing sports outdoors, real grass has always been highly preferred. However, recently there has been a thrust towards a more creative solution. This solution is the use of artificial turf. 

    If all of this is new to you then read on because you are about to find out some of the advantages of playing and working out on an artificial turf sports field.

    What Is an Artificial Turf Sports Field?

    Artificial or synthetic turf is made up of fibers that imitate natural grass. Normally it is used to ensure that an adequate sports surface is present. This is usually true in cases where sports are played in areas where grass doesn’t grow or is difficult to maintain.

    This means that artificial turf is commonly used in sports arenas and stadiums. However, it is now popular on playgrounds and lawns.

    A Little Bit of History and Interesting Facts

    Before the mid-1990s because of the materials used to manufacture them, artificial turfs were not highly favored by many athletes. However, the 1990s saw changes in the fibers used as well as the general composition. This made artificial surfaces safer for play.

    However, even now it is still better suited for football, rugby, baseball, lacrosse, and soccer. But more tracks are being fitted with artificial turfs. Artificial Turf is believed to be the best surface for stadiums that are covered and outdoor sports arenas.

    Now that you know exactly what artificial turf is and a bit about its history. Here are some useful benefits of artificial turf.

    Easily Maintained

    There is no need to fertilize, water and mow artificial turf in order to keep it in excellent condition. Simply brush it after every game for reshaping and give it a thorough cleaning weekly. It is also environmentally-friendly.


    This surface doesn’t require sufficient sunlight and isn’t affected by heat. It’s resistant to heavy use and will not wear and tear.

    Natural elements will not degrade it. This makes it a cost-effective investment.

    Increased Playing Time

    With no concern for the weather, athletes are able to train every day on these surfaces. In fact, athletes can use these surfaces for thousands of hours yearly without causing too much wear and tear.

    Reduced Injuries

    Your safety is considered in the design of artificial turf fields. For example, they satisfy all the requirements concerning rotation, surface abrasion, and traction. The turf also has a padded protective layer.

    A Final Look at Artificial Turf

    Artificial turf sports fields have become the preferred alternative to natural turfs. While before the mid-1990s most athletes disliked them, today more and more spaces are incorporating them.

    These synthetic turfs boast several advantages. These include the ability to reduce injuries, increased playtime, durability and versatility as well as their easy maintenance.

    It’s definitely a good alternative to play on and this is why it has become more popular than grass turfs.

    If you would like more sporting tips, please feel free to visit the fitness section of our website.