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Why You Should See an Addiction Specialist

    There are all manners of addictions nowadays especially as it pertains to drug and substance abuse. A Glendale addiction specialist offers a type of assistance that you will not find elsewhere.

    There are various types of addiction specialists. Examples include addiction psychologists, addiction counselors, addiction medicine physicians, and substance abuse social workers among others. Each serves a different purpose and addresses addiction in a different way. However, the ultimate goal is to rid the patient of their addictive behavior. Many addicted people could benefit from seeing an addiction specialist for several reasons including:


    There is no discounting experience as far as addiction is concerned. The more experience an addiction specialist has, the better. 

    There are many facets of addiction, whether it is to substance abuse or to pornography. An addiction specialist with experience will have seen all the different elements of many different types of addiction. That makes them very well placed to address addiction issues as opposed to someone who has dealt with only one type of addiction as you will find in a rehabilitation center. Such experience makes it more likely that they will be successful in treating addictive behavior in an individual than with a generic psychiatrist or counselor.


    In addition to experience, an addiction specialist has focused specifically on treating addiction for their entire career. Therefore, they have a tremendous amount of knowledge about the matter.

    When it comes to dealing with addiction, there is no one size fits all approach. So, the expertise of a specialist will largely determine how they will approach an individual addict.

    An addiction specialist will know more about addiction and how to alleviate it than many other professionals you may visit. The specialized knowledge will lead to faster results and less recovery time. 

    Better Results

    Treating addiction is often a matter of trial error with regular rehab facilities and psychiatrists. In some cases, these professionals may prescribe medication that makes the addiction even worse.

    If you want the desired results or someone with a better track record, then it is better to see an addiction specialist. They are a better bet than taking an addict to a rehab facility with dozens of patients.

    One reason why addiction specialists have better results is that they can try unconventional methods that may be frowned upon elsewhere. Regardless, they offer a greater chance of alleviating addiction in a patient.

    Personal Attention

    When you go to a rehabilitation facility or a hospital, the main type of therapy is group therapy. Due to individual differences, group therapy will vary in its effectiveness when treating addiction patients.

    One on one therapy has better results for some patients and that is exactly what you will get when you visit an addiction specialist. They will take the time and make the effort to find a customized solution to the individual’s addictive behavior.

    Therefore, an addiction specialist is bound to be more effective than someone who is not an expert. They will grant the patient the personal attention they require to ensure that the addiction treatment is successful.