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Working From Home? Know How To Stay Healthy And Fit At Home

    With the onset of a global pandemic in 2020, many people are working from home. A report from McKinsey states that the pandemic accelerated the existing trend of remote work. This can drastically shift the traditional view of the workspace with more flexible work hours and spaces. Therefore, developing healthy habits to stay fit at home while working remotely is essential. 

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    7 Ways In Which You Can Stay Healthy And Fit At Home

    Although working from home comes with many benefits, it can cause severe mental, physical and social problems as you feel cut off and may have trouble staying motivated and finding a healthy work-life balance. As the challenges of working from home are increasing, you can follow these seven ways to maintain your overall health to be fit: 

    Stay Physically Active With Yoga

    Yoga has recently gained popularity among Americans for its various health benefits like helping with stress, easing arthritis, improving heart health, etc. It also improves strength, balance, and flexibility, which is a great way to relieve the muscle tensions in the body which you might get after sitting in a chair for a long work period. You can start with simple yoga postures before delving into more complex asanas. 

    The National Institutes of Health and other organizations are incorporating scientific validation of yoga’s value in health care by providing concrete evidence of how yoga works to improve health, heal aches and pains, and keep sickness at bay. 

     Reduce Your Screen Time To Improve Mental Health

    While video games and binge-watching might seem tempting after a long work day, it is best to balance them with offline activities in your daily routine. You should take frequent breaks from the on-screen activities and regulate the length of your screen time, as long periods of screen use might cause hypertension and eyesight problems. Socializing with friends and family can also be a great way to ease the work tension. 

    Making Healthy Diet A Part Of Your Life

    A balanced diet goes a long way to boost your immune system and fight the deficiency of nutrients in the body. Mostly, people forget to take proper care of their eating habits while working. It is, therefore, essential to try to have a balanced diet once a day and healthy snacking in-between work. Try to include as many fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains as possible. Moreover, you can always take supplements if the workload is heavy. CBD capsules from cannabis plants are becoming popular for offering various health benefits. 

    Do Few Therapeutic Activities

    It has a wide range of activities, from squatting and bending to gardening and cooking. These activities are functional and dynamic, consisting of different daily activities that improve your physical and mental well-being. A person working from home can easily take 15 minutes breaks in-between work and engage in such activities. 

    Gardening as a therapeutic activity is gaining popularity, as you need to tend to young plants from the germination stage until they grow. Gardening improves mood and also lets you have homegrown nutritious food. If you don’t have a big outdoor space, you can easily grow coriander, aloe vera, snake plant, peace lily, swiss chard, tomatoes, etc., in your apartment.

    Cut Short The Intake Of Alcohol And Cigarettes

    Consuming excessive alcohol can lead to worsening mental health and behavioral disorders. Smokers, compared to non-smokers, have a greater chance of suffering from lung, heart disease, and stroke. A recent study notes that people working long hours and in stressful jobs are more likely to smoke. It is noted that people working desk jobs have a higher rate of smoking. 

    Therefore, it is essential to ensure that you avoid dependency on substances like alcohol and cigarettes while working from home. Note what triggers your craving for them, and then try to avoid these triggers by setting healthy boundaries. You can fill the space with new activities like keeping a journal, knitting, going to smoke-free bars, etc. 

    Set Up A Home Office 

    Setting up an optimal workspace would benefit you if you work from home. A few tricks you can use to do so is setting the decor. It improves your motivation to work, soothes your senses, and promotes good posture. You can buy office furniture keeping these things in mind. 

    When working from home, the line between work and home life tends to blur; therefore, try to maintain a work-life balance by sticking to a daily routine. You can also make a planner each day before starting a day, as having a planner clarifies which works need to be done and within what time limit. 

    Maintain A Healthy Sleep Routine

    People who work from home take their work to bed by working late at night, which impacts sleep harmfully. Not getting proper sleep becomes the first step to deteriorating health; therefore, it is essential to have a healthy sleep routine of eight hours. 

    A simple trick to maintaining a healthy sleep habit is by clearly distinguishing office and home space and not taking any screens to your bed. Another way is to have a clock-out time to avoid overworking yourself. Set a timer while working to track the hours you work and have a fixed time for your bedtime. 

    Final Thoughts

    As the future of remote working seems promising, we can hope to see a significant shift in the workspace policy, which is already quite visible since Covid-19. It is also important to master working from home without overexerting yourself by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and having a work-life balance.