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World-Class Bathroom Ware: Aesthetic and Comfortable Designs

    Luxury bathroom ware is an excellent choice for creative and cheerful people with vivid imaginations. If you believe that a standard bathroom design is boring, the sanitary ware collection by Aquaticausa will surely pick your interest.

    The renowned non-standard thinking of the company’s designers allowed them to create real masterpieces of bathroom ware that reflect charm and convenience.

    Widest Range of High-Quality Bathroom Fittings

    The catalog of Aquaticausa presents exquisite sinks of a wide variety of shapes: oval bathroom sink bowl — the favorite of many modern designers; round, rectangular and asymmetric models. They can be installed on a console, built into a marble countertop, or wooden furniture.

    Each model of bathroom equipment shows the uniqueness of non-standard design solutions and craftsmanship:

    • hanging and built-in sinks;
    • built-in, corner, and free-standing bathtubs;
    • top-mounted, ceiling-mounted, wall-mounted showers, and many more breathtaking bathroom products in different styles and colors.

    There is a huge amount of materials for the premium quality products offered by the brand:

    • AquateX™;
    • NeroX™;
    • EcoMarmor™;
    • AquateX™ LuX;
    • AquateX™ Sleek Concrete;
    • DurateX™;
    • Ceramic and others.

    Quality and exclusivity are the main conditions to consider when choosing bathroom fixtures for your home. Using high-quality solid surface and other composite bathroom products from Aquatica in your bathroom interior, you can give it an indescribable charm, convenience, and elegant luxury which will bring you delight for many years whenever you use the bathroom.

    Hundreds of design options, a huge number of colors and shades, a wide variety of textures and materials will allow you to realize your wildest designer or decorator fantasies. It is easy to underline the features of your bathroom interior — just choose the right model, and it will transform the room beyond recognition. Every customer of the company can choose a bathtub, basin, hot tub, or shower and create a luxurious bathroom environment at fair prices.