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Xyngular Review | Does Xyngular Work?

    xyngular reviews

    xyngular reviews

    “By far the most dishonest companies I have ever witnessed”. That’s what one customers said in his Xyngular review. Another said: “They have no support number. They don’t care about their customers”. This are some serious accusations, therefore we took a close look at Xyngular and the company behind it. What we found out will surprise you…

    What is Xyngular and what makes it so special?

    Xyngular is a diet plan that offers various supplements which are supposed to boost your metabolism, detoxify your body and help you lose weight. The weight loss plan consists of meal replacement shakes, fat burners, sleep regulating supplements and appetite suppressants.

    In the 8 days of the program you are supposed to limit your calorie intake to 800 calories per day. That’s considered a starvation program. Even the company states that the program is not safe for anyone under 17 years.

    So far so bad… Let’s see what kind of ingredients we found in our Xyngular review.

    What Ingredients does Xyngular contain?

    xyngular reviews

    The Xyngular diet consists of various supplements, so let’s take a close look at all of them and see what ingredients we can find in them:


    A so called tea based fat burner that suppresses appetite and reduces blood sugar levels with the power of natural herbs. First of all: Of course you burn fat. You are eating under 1000 calories per day, you don’t need to drink an additional tea to lose weight.

    Second: It suppresses appetite, because it contains caffeine, not because of “natural herbs”. Yes, it’s true that Xyngular Accelerate contains metabolism boosting herbs like cayenne, but the effect is nearly ZERO.

    The only positive thing that we can say so far in our Xyngular review is, that Xyngular Accelerate contains around 30mcg vitamin B12 per serving, which is an often recommended amount of vitamin B12 by experts.


    This Xyngular supplement contains a fiber named glucomannan. The company claims that glucomannan “hits your stomach it expands and creates a viscous gel that literally traps 25% of the food you just ate eliminating it without your body ever absorbing the calories.”

    So practically eating without storing the calories. Sound too good to be true? Yeah, because it is… I couldn’t find any studies supporting their claims. It is true that glucomannan reduces the calorie storage and therefore helps to lose weight, but the daily intake has to be 3 times bigger than what Cheat+ offers.

    Furthermore the weight reduction is minimal. A study showed that 9g of daily glucomannan consumption over the curse of 5 weeks, reduced additional 2lb. Not very much….

    The statement that 25% of the calories get not absorbed by the body is a lie.

    Lean Snack Replacement

    The Xyngular Lean Snack Replacement is a whey protein powder containing vitamins, minerals, 50 calories and 10g protein. For information: An apple consists of 100 calories.

    Although whey protein is a high quality protein powder, 10g per serving in combination with 50 calories and nearly no fiber, is going to keep you hungry.

    Similar to the Xyngular Accelerate, the only positive thing about the Xyngular Lean Snack Replacement is the amount of vitamins in one serving. You get mostly 50% of your daily vitamin intake with one serving.


    Xyngular Xyng is a supposed to energy your body and mind. Suppress your appetite and support your weight loss goals. Xyng provides its users a bunch of weight loss supporting herbs like 5-HTP and bitter orange.

    One portion of Xyng contains 65 calories. 5-HTP and bitter orange are known for their metabolism boosting properties, but bitter orange is also tied to major cardiovascular risks. I don’t know about your weight loss goals, but I wouldn’t risk a heart attack for it…


    Simple spoken: a laxative. Okay, now let’s take a look at the ridiculous claims that Xyngular makes about this simple laxative that you can buy in every pharmacy store:

    “Flush is an all natural cleanse that resets the body by aiding in digestion, removing harmful toxins, and improving nutrient absorption.”

    Flush “resets your body”… Wow, how does it do that? Well… it doesn’t.

    “Removing harmful toxins”… No, you don’t have harmful toxins in your colon.

    “Improving nutrient absorption”… Another lie. You body can always absorb nutrients and you certainly don’t need a simple laxative for that.

    There would be more to say about other Xyngular, but I think that isn’t necessary. You get the point…

    Xyngular Price and Company Structure

    xyngular reviews

    Of course our Xyngular review also took a close look at the company behind the Xyngular weight loss plan. All in all, we aren’t surprised that Xyngular is a Multi-Level-Marketing Company, which isn’t always a bad thing. There are many reputable MLM Companies that really offer great products and care about their customers.

    Just take a look at our shakeology review. Shakeology is also a product from a MLM company, but yet provides great customer support, a healthy meal replacement shake and a working weight loss program.

    As if the company wasn’t shady enough, they demand more than $300 for their weight loss package. Multiple complains have been reported to the Better Business Bureau.

    Xyngular didn’t honor its 30 days money back guarantee. In addition to that, some people were added to automatic monthly shipments without their authorization.

    What else is there to say?

    We hope our Xyngular review showed you the true face of this shady company. Don’t waste your money on products that are not working and even dangerous for your health.

    There are plenty alternatives that are cheaper and yet more effective than Xyngular. Take our arbonne protein shake review as an example. Cheaper, healthier and far better results without starving yourself.

    You can also take a look at our other weight loss shake reviews or visit this link, for a list with weight loss shakes that work far better than Xyngular.