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Your Complete Diet Plan for Weight Loss


    If you want to slim down, there are plenty of options to choose from nowadays. Most modern diets promote portion control and clean eating in some way, shape or form. Just think of the Paleo diet, the Mediterranean diet or the Atkins diet. Due to this, superfoods, leafy greens and lean cuts of meat have become staples in the contemporary man’s kitchen.

    Losing Weight Options

    Surprisingly enough, not all meal plans are based on the actual foods. For example, the leptin diet proposes the alternative of training your brain to secrete leptin, the hormone that induces satiety, at the optimal moment. Many weight gain cases are triggered by an inconsistency in this system, and this approach aims to solve that from the inside out.

    However, if you want to lose weight fast, calorie reduction is your best bet. Cutting down on your normal daily intake without putting your health at risk might be tricky, but when pursued correctly it will make all the difference in the world. Here is a complete diet plan for weight loss that will show visible results in as little as seven days.

    The 1,200 Calorie Diet

    If you want to shed off those pesky extra pounds, you need to start eating no more and no less than 1,200 calories per day. Because the human body needs between 1,600 and 2,400 calories to maintain its weight, cutting down on this is a safe way to slim down. It’s low enough so that you’ll see results, but it’s also sufficient to keep your health and muscle mass intact.

    Naturally, eating out defeats the entire purpose of this. You won’t be able to fit in 1,200 calories with restaurant foods. These tend to be a lot richer on this front. Thus, you have to start preparing your own dishes, and they need to be complex enough so that you don’t feel like you are lacking nutrition. Here are a few ideas to inspire you.

    Breakfast Ideas

    One simple recipe that is nourishing and interesting at the same time is avocado and egg toast. To prepare it, you need a slice of whole-grain bread that is lightly toasted, ¼ of an avocado and an egg that has been cooked in olive oil. Top it off with a bit of salt and pepper and enjoy a clementine for dessert. This ensemble contains a mere 266 calories, so you’ll start the day right.

    Another alternative that clocks in at just 267 calories consists of a ¼ cup of granola mixed in with ¾ cup of Greek yogurt and a few blueberries. You can also replace the granola with bran cereal, and the yogurt with skim milk, and you’ve got yourself an equally delicious starter for another great and fulfilling morning.

    Lunch Ideas

    For a rich lunch that contains 341 calories, try one cup of ravioli and veggie soup alongside a slice of cheddar toast for an added touch of indulgence. Another alternative that contains just 336 calories would be a salad with chicken breast, mixed greens, bell pepper and grated carrot. Top it off with some vinaigrette and enjoy.

    Dinner Ideas

    Your dinner dishes should be the richest in calories so that your body isn’t completely depleted of energy the next day. A deliciously exotic alternative that you can try is represented by stuffed peppers cooked with Moroccan spices alongside two cups of sautéed spinach. This meal rounds up to 457 calories, which will be a delicious end to your busy day.

    At just 424 calories, you can also try a squash and tofu curry served with plain brown rice. This Indian-inspired vegetarian dish is hearty and filling, a true comfort food for rainy days. And, of course, you can never go wrong with baked salmon and Brussel sprouts. Clocking in at 451 calories, this refreshing idea is served with brown rice and walnuts for an extra kick.

    Snack Ideas

    In order to keep your energy levels up throughout the day, you will need to have three snacks after each meal. There are plenty of ingredients that make perfect choices in this case, as long as they are consumed with moderation. Apples and apricots are suitable fruit options, and carrots or cucumbers work amazingly alongside a bit of hummus or yogurt dip.

    Final Thoughts

    Losing weight isn’t just about the diet you keep. It’s also about working hard, keeping motivation alive and not giving up in the face of hardship. Nevertheless, closely watching what you eat is the essential aspect. If you want to achieve visible results fast and reach your fitness goals, cutting down on calories is the best approach.

    The recommended amount to stick to is of 1,200 calories per day. Fortunately, you don’t have to eat plain and boring meals to achieve that. With a little mixing and matching and some culinary inspiration, you can put together enjoyable and satiating meals that will taste so good, you’ll forget it’s a diet in the first place.