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Your First Vape Pen: Essential Tips for Beginners

    Congrats, now you have your own vape pen! Now it’s time to understand how it actually works and what are the perks of it. It’s true; vape pens are easy to understand. However it wouldn’t hurt to know a bit more. Many people break their devices from the very start since they don’t know how to use it properly. In this article you’re going to find out how to vape correctly, too. Get the best vape pens from yocan.

    Start by reading the manual

    We know that manuals are boring, and sometimes in broken English. But if you don’t get through it at least once, you will probably fail. This manual has important information regarding the safety of your pen, how you charge it, if you can use a different charger or if you can use it for extended periods of time. You risk damaging your device if you don’t read the instructions. And, as we all know, now all the manufacturers are going to cover it in warranty.

    The vaping material

    You’ve probably bought the one that you need for the vaporizing material that you want. There are some materials that you can use, such as dry herbs, vape juices, concentrates. As a general rule, you cannot use one pen for all the materials, at least not with some specific equipment. Many people think that the hemp oil and the vape juice are interchangeable, but that’s wrong. You should use your vape pen only with those materials that it supports (you find this info in the manual). In the case where it can support more than just one material, then you should know what do to when switching the materials.

    Charge it properly

    You need to learn how to charge your device properly. There are many vape pens that use built-in batteries, so you’ll need to connect them to a charger until they’re done charging. At all times you need to use the cable that comes with your device. If you use another cable and it’s not charging correctly, then it will short out.

    When it comes to charging, you need to let it go down, but not entirely, and let it charge completely, without overcharging. As a side note, you should never leave the charging vape pens unattended, as they will die or start an electrical fire.

    Load it up

    In case you’re using vape juice, make sure you prime the coil before firing – add some drops to the wicking holes. You need to fill the tank, then let it sit for some minutes in order to avoid dry hits (also known as cotton burning).